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thewho13 - I have those Balenciagas, they are awesome.
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I like the Bball highs, but they're not all that versatile; I think they work best with skinny jeans tucked into them and run the risk of looking kinda orthopedic otherwise.
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Originally Posted by tween_spirit View Post

Cost is no longer prohibitive, and they're holding it for me.
Does it fit well enough that I should go for it? Or should I just stick with my Monitaly and call it a day?

How are you imbeciles not seeing how fucking incredible this is?
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The second half of that carpet is on my living room floor, each time someone tries the jacket on on the other side of the atlantic I can feel vibrations under my feet (also a slight tingling sensation) , it's like the carpet is purring
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I'm likely getting these chukka boots in dark brown suede tonight. Do they look decent to you? They aren't Clark's, but they have the style, and a more affordable price point which I can appreciate.

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what's it for/what will you wear it with/why do you want it?
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it looks cool
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Lots of stuff looks cool, it looks cool to me too but i'm not going to buy it.

Just trying to figure out why you think it would be something that you will enjoy having in your wardrobe, as opposed to just something you like the look of and want to buy.
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Just want several coats for the F/W

These just look easy to throw on with some pants and boots.
And I rather grow out of standard coats for the colder seasons like the pea coat and parka (UU F/W '12 looks promising, but the fuax fur will probably be crap).

I like it that they do not have hoods as well, which is a design function I rarely use.

Will probably wait for SS to fully drop first though.
(I am done with footwear now 100% unless something breaks down. So, next is jackets&coats)
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Well, none of them look particularly warm, what is the material?

This is something for day wear or night time?

I assume they're not meant to be rainproof?
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Well they are actually meant for S/S but in California with some layers underneath, it should be fine.

First maybe linen or cotton blend, second is light weight cotton.

Still think SS is my best bet for the type of outerwear long coat I want.
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Detective Hendrix is on the case. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Ah, I understand.

The first one is miles better than the second one, which looks weird and doesn't make sense with a zipper like that in that fabric.
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It actually reminds me of a coat snake posted I think.

I just wish they had a back vent
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