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Thanks for the cote et ciel link snow, had forgotten about them. Thinking I'll pick up one of their bags for the coming year icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Anyone who has experience with the bags, is the 15" significantly bigger or just a larger laptop compartment?
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If you are going back to school, be serious and get a backpack.

Forget totes or the likes. It is just not functional aside from being a quick access in between classes or the likes (breaks and you just want to read something, lunch etc.) And even then, a tote as a secondary to a backpack. I always wanted to swing a nice backpack and a small tote for misc. things but opted for just the latter. I got through it but wish I picked up a nice backpack instead.

When things become heavier, a backpack is just more comfortable.

Look into Vivism IMO.
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yeah, good advice.

not the visvim part tho redface.gif
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get one of those knockoff raf x eastpack

or any other backpack, getto is right
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I feel like Vivism has some backpacks that are very clean and not hypebeast.
It combines the tech with luxe from what I seen. The quality is there too.

If you are looking for luxe though then I am not sure. Patrik Ervell? Perhaps ask Shah to chime in.
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Functionality when it comes to packs and such.

I've been using a Filson 257, and sometimes it really fucks up my shoulder. That thing is like 5 pounds without books in it, and the heavy leather strap is not super comfy. Need an alternative soooon
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thinking about these.. any experiences? haven't worn this colorway since my late 90's skating days but might work well with black denim. main concern is that tongue being ridiculously big. wish there was a way to lace over it too without it looking ridiculous. 




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too bad that Damir backpack in the last show isn't available yet. looked good. though it would probably cost the same as a class.
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also regarding bags, ron herman is carrying a brand called BRIEFING. not much info on them other then them being a sub label of SELLTS Japan, which has excellent reviews. Designed in Japan, Made in California. the bags are pretty techy, but not over the top. the acronym bags look really cool as well. 

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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

just a college around toronto. industrial design type stuff. right now is just an intro so university after that.
papa snow is bittersweet. doesnt want to see me leave work (with him) but happy im doing something i like.
twas a good gig while it lasted though.. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif


You and your dad were boxing partners???

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Papa snow is snow's Mickey Goldmill.
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I need new boots to wear witj jeans. Any of this SF approved?






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this is all you need brah
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I have an LL Bean rucksack similar to this:





That is going on over 10 years of service, through high school, college, and beyond; through snow, rain, everything. I've loaded it up with 80# before and it took it like a champ.


Screw sissy-la-la designer bags. Man up.

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I found this for pretty cheap (approx 550) new. Think I should pull the trigger? 700

I love this Burgundy color and have heard great things about Burberry Prorsum, because unlike brit it is made in Italy..but still am undecided if it is worth it.

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