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do not kop tween.
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Garrett Leight
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Rachel Comey
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where from? looks OK depending on the price.
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Acrimony has it.
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Should I or shouldn't I keep the shirt (Silent)?

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looks cool
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It's nice, but for a Silent shirt I guess I was expecting something different. (And better too.) confused.gif
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^I'd say it fits pretty well, especially since Silent stuff can be kinda wonky on the sizing. That being said, don't you have a ton of henley style shirts?
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fits well but not earth-shattering

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^ Yeah, but they're all long-sleeve, so I can't really wear them during the summer. shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by tween_spirit View Post

Heritage Research, linen


Looks good. Found some pictures of it on 'Oi Polloi' with the loop unhooked, in one way I like it, in one way I don't. Shame it's sold out at 'Oi Polloi' though, was only 85 pounds before it sold out.

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Shawl collar + loop closure feel a bit out of place here, other than that it looks okayyyyy.
chest pocket a bit high maybe ?
how's the cuff design ? tapering looks weird


The cuff design looks like a normal shirt cuff, don't really like it either.


Cuff design (Click to show)


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this is more of a "should I keep?"


I bought these MMM side-zips on B&S and they arrived today. I relisted them after trying them on because I thought they were too loose. My GATs are size 41 and so are these, which may have been the wrong decision. But now I am thinking maybe I should just get insoles since I'm not sure a full size down would be right either. how snug should these be?


and do I just have to live with the gap from the ankle up on boots like these? any thoughts would be appreciated.



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I have the same problem with side zips. They fit great in the foot but are huge in the ankle area. 

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Side zips are really hard to get the fit right.

Ask a cobbler if he can slim down the shaft.

If not, i'd cut your losses.

I don't think an insole is going to help much if your foot doesn't fit in the key areas - especially around the heel and the ball of your foot.
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