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Should I or shouldn't I buy... (clothing item)? - Page 1742

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^ i was debating to buy it or not too. someone else made the decision for me.
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Originally Posted by Severisth View Post

snow, it was on Frances May, but I waited too long, and now it's long gone. Oh well, really didn't need it.
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If you guys are talking about the Geller in 46, that was me shog[1].gif

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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Definitely. Who's still selling the windbreaker?
Project No.8 and Acolyth both still have it in stock.
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^Damn, nice pickup Istasi...ummm, let me know if you decide to sell it shog[1].gif
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Planning to get some black Samurais as my next pair of raw denim after summer and planning to get a pair of black boots to wear with them.

Yay/nay on the Frye James lace up as an option?

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Get the no fade Pbj xx-13. Black jeans should be slim and samurai doesn't have a fit slim enough.
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I'm 6'3", 215, super slim doesn't really look normal on me...looking for a cut similar to the APC NS realistically.
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even the "slim tapered" sammys have about a 16.5" leg opening on sizes 32-33. No hate against sams I'm wearing my texas cottons right now.
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I hear you, looks like closer to 17" on the size 33 710 I'm looking at. Mostly interested in black, raw denim with nice details that get good fades on the whole, and Samis have a good rep for high contrast fades in black denim.

Comments on the actual point of my post though--Frye James, yay/nay?
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Heritage Research, linen
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Shawl collar + loop closure feel a bit out of place here, other than that it looks okayyyyy.

chest pocket a bit high maybe ?

how's the cuff design ? tapering looks weird
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yeah I probably wouldn't even wear it closed but I think the button for the loop fastener would look sort of goofy in that context..

I'm a sucker for a small shawl collar but it doesn't really fit the whole linen thing, although that bad mix is what made me like it originally. Eh, no kop summer will remain in effect, excluding cosmic wonder of course
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