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Should I or shouldn't I buy... (clothing item)? - Page 140

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I had the second one. Had it in a small, washed it once and it shrunk so bad my 90lb girlfriend at the time couldn't fit into it.
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Shades of Greige quality is pretty bad. You're pretty much just paying for fit and styling. Not worth it at retail, imo.
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Agree, Shades of Greige quality pretty much sucks, avoid if possible.
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To celebrate my acceptance into grad school, I'm waffling between one of the following:

No way can I splurge and get everything, but I figure a self-reward was in order. Yes there's a lot of stuff, mostly because I feel like a kid in a candy store.
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I'd go with #3 lavender stripe black collar shirt
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Helmut lang chest pocket shirt from Gilt?
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Originally Posted by Nananine View Post

One of those two. Who makes them?
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^ Comme des Garcons SHIRT.
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SHIT! They're $387. :sigh:
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They're only 365 at the CDG store in NYC, haha

Also, I'm slightly ticked that the 40% sale at Atelier has caused their CDG and CDG Homme Plus collections to get completely picked over. I was hoping to score that polka-detail 3/4 sleeve shirt for $350 - 40%, but they only had Large left
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^ I saw those gradient shirts at SF Bloomingdale's on Wednesday. Some stuff was already 40% off, although I don't remember if CdG was.
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Okay, it came up, I liked it, and figured I'd wait for the inevitable mega-discount to drop on the UOxFilson Bag: But uh....I guess there's only fucking 80 of them to go around in the US?!? So, should I even bother to think twice about copping at full price (PS: Price not so much a big issue)? From what I've heard, Filson is pretty much indestructible long term investment stuff, but if anybody could back that up...
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Looks nice enough. I'd like to pick one up as GoSurface/SoCal always made fun of my current travel bag How much is it?
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