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The first ones are spectacularly smooth. If it was me I'd go that route.
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def the black court shoes. I'm just not sure how exactly i'd wear the tan ones.
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i got a pair of these at the revolve sale for $40: but i have a pair of these already and the weird pf flyers cushioning is not exactly my cuppa tea. whatcha think? (my ambivalence has brought me here)
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Cheers for your resonses about various sneakers. I've gone off thae idea of adidas origionals now, I don't think i'd be able to pull off Stan Smiths, although they do look great. I'm now thinking of going with a simple pair of White Leather Jack Purcells. Yay/nay?
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If you can't "pull off" stan smiths, you should probably just stop wearing clothes. Is there something to pull off with plain white sneakers?
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Kinda not what I meant. More of a, "I'd feel uncomfortable wearing them" kind of thing.
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I know what you meant, man. You just gotta have some confidence in what you wear. Swagger if you will. I think everyone is capable of pulling off a pair of stan smith vintages (i prefer the blue tab). Can wear with modern prep type looks, semi-streetwear looks, boring safe looks, or more pretty easy. Leather chucks aren't that much different. I'm just trying to say i have faith in your ability to pull off simple, inoffensive clothes/shoes. If i can get away with wearing what i wore a few days ago in a southern college town, you can wear stan smiths with your raw jeans and black jacket.
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I love you man! I think I'll take another look at them, mull it over before I really need to change shoes. I like the Smiths with all white leather and a dark blue patch at the back, I don't know if I like the ones with the green line around the sole.
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I'm not trying to talk you into it. Buy the cheaper leather sneaks you like best. Leather jps can work as well. But as an aside, if you're getting stan smiths. Make sure you get the stan smith vintage model. The leather is nicer, and the slight off white sole makes them look a lot better IMO. compared to the regular ones: I know bloomingdales used to carry them, as do a few online stores. I used to see them pop up on ebay for $50-75 too. Other options for white leather sneakers: spring court jps chucks german army sneaks ymc some more i can't think of
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The vintage model is quite hard to find. The official website has some, but with a 90 pound price tag (ouch). Maybe I'll go with white JP's or Chucks, since they're cheaper and appeal to me on a music loving student level. Cheers.
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New scarves on Oak. Thoughts? This also comes in a light olive color... This also comes in black, though in the pictures of the black one the model is wearing it open like shawl...
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Which buffalo plaid? Rugby or J.Crew
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They look the same. Go try them on. You have to have a rugby and jcrew somewhere within reach.
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You underestimate how far I live from civilization. The closest J.Crew does not stock it and the closest Rugby is in another state (there are only 12 stores in the US that I can tell). But, yes, they do look identical, and from experience their sizing is very similar so I'm just going to get the one I can get cheaper.
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