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Should I or shouldn't I buy... (clothing item)? - Page 782

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second one I love...guidi would be better though if you got the cash flow.
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Thanks for the advice. I tried 2 and 3 at Barney's and was gonna get #2. More comfortable than the 745s too. What about option 4: http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/MAISON.../sr_shoesmen80 I think I may only like these cause they are cheap and are Margiela... Trying to find Guidi's, but looks like I need a 46.5 or 47 as they run small and have not found that size yet
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I like F+B's 2 and 3 most. MMM's not so much. Shouldnt be hard decision since they all are different style.
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That, or a buzz rickson loopwheeled sweater? I need a simple sweater to wear all the time thats great quality and easily maintained. I heard loopwheeled is the way to go. Any suggestions?
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i dont like f+b elves too much. i would go for the first over the second easily
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Originally Posted by softy View Post
Yeah for utility. So you can keep your leatherman, raw leather goods, Field Notes notebook, duck call horn, etc. All of the prerequisites for the modern survivalist.
That was actually funny... But still pointless
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thinking of a canada goose constable parka in white. i have the yorkville bomber in grey and want something that will go better with non-denim pants(ie kva) and non-workwear boots(ie RO crepe combat) am i way off with a white parka?? i like the look of the folk one from oki ni but its def. not for winter. opinions??
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^The best RC piece I've seen - don't like most of the stuff under that label. Where'd you find it?
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Noticed it on a few of the blogs. Only Haven have it up...and it sold out in a day I think. Emailed complexonline and they said they had it and sent a paypal invoice from fourhorsemen...hoping it's all legit.
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that is a nice varsity
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Varsity is maybe a little overdone by now but I haven't picked one up as yet despite looking at a few, so I'm looking forward to this arriving.
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The GT.
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