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Originally Posted by whodini View Post
Whoa whoa whoa...Just when the fuck did I say that???

I love both equally for completely different reasons. The 5EPs started off with a red/blue/green hue depending on how the light hit it (very cool in my book) which gave way to a subdued turquoise fade. 2nd gen RRLs are hairy and soft to the hand without the standard starch sheen; they, too, fade away to a turquoise but compared to 5EP the color isn't quite as muddied with other colors.

My memory doesn't lie...

Originally Posted by whodini View Post
For those of you wanting a side-by-side true life comparison of how the 5ep's fade...
Here they are next to a pair of Hope selvage. I'd compare Hope's color to Levi deadstock (like APC but with a bit more purple in the mix).

From the pic the 5ep's reminded me of my RRL's after several washes but they're on two different planets. Thank Godmother's mixing skil for this craziness.

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I have a pair of RRLs with the Straight Leg cut which are awesome but a little short on me (32x32). I'd be willing to buy (or trade the ones I have) for a pair of 32x34s in the dark non-distressed wash if anyone has them.
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Originally Posted by whacked View Post
My memory doesn't lie...

Yeah, just like Ferrari and Lamborghini are on two different planets and, as I've been told, so are men and women. It was never implied that one was better than the other. Was there anything else?
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Anyone have experience with their western shirts, how's the fit?
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Originally Posted by Say View Post
Anyone have experience with their western shirts, how's the fit?

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Originally Posted by Hard2Fit View Post
Especially through the shoulders and the arm openings are sometimes small. If you buy any on ebay, keep in mind that for the heavier weight westerns, the black fits a little tighter than the khaki. It might be because I found the black to be a little heavier so that extra fabric everywhere might be eating up the room that the khaki has.
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my true waist is 28 i'm interested in slim straight or slim bootcut RRL anyone know where i can find some? i've read this whole thread.
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Are the slim straights a women's cut? I've seen a couple appear on ebay listed as such and the rise appears to be quite low. Is there a female slim straight and a male slim straight?
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i got the $265 retail slim straight rrl on ebay in my usual size and they fit true.
they were the made in america with japanese selvedge denim ones.
the rise is low like 9.5, i love the fit and the quality and construction seems decent.
i don't have any other high end denim to compare but they seem like cheap old navy jeans when compared with my esef sky.
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Do RRL raw denim ever go on sale? I called their store and they told me that only the seasonal denim goes on sale. Is this true or should I wait for a sale to purchase them.
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eBay that shit.
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Well.... it's kind of confusing.

They have two main types of items. Seasonal, and "Icons."

They are right to tell you that they don't put the Icons collection on sale, but every now and again one of the Icons jeans will go on clearance. This is usually some type of washed jean. For example the Atlanta store put a pair of washed out and heavily distressed (with rips) black slim bootcuts on clearance.

Basically, when they are ready to move something out, they'll put it on clearance or transfer it to buy back (sends out to TJ Maxx and RL Outlets and such).

Some RRL jeans have been popping up at various outlets for like $30-40, but they don't really go on clearance at the RRL boutiques. This is all done to keep it a fairly "exclusive" brand.
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Ah so the raws would fall under the category icon that rarely if ever go on sale. I tried them on today and found that they have a very flattering low rise cut. It was much better than any of the slim jeans I tried on at Blue In Green. The skulls are a distant second.

How do RRL fall in the grand scheme of things? Their prices are rather high compared to the rest of Ralph Lauren (minus the black label and purple label). My friends were quite shocked that these Ralph Lauren jeans command the price they do.
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It's excellent. Made in Okayama prefecture. Their denim washes out beautifully.
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Rather sure RRL are made in the US.
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