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Those inverted polo collars

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Alright, if you read my reply to the HOF post, here we go. If you didn't read it, don't worry... you aren't missing too much. OK, so on to the topic at hand. Maybe this phenomenon is exclusive to the college crowd. For all of your sakes, I hope so. But, if you have seen it, please give me your thoughts. Here's what I'm talking about. We're all familiar with the polo collar. It makes a slight distinction from a plain tee-shirt. Not saying that either one is better looking. Honestly, I don't care. I do care that the (I assume) Abercrombie-minded circle has now decided that taking said polo collar and flipping it up is considered "stylish." Lemme try to paint a picture for you. A typical polo collar would form the shape of an inverted parabola. When someone flips his up, it sticks straight up, looking somewhat how a collar made of light fabric would in a strong breeze. Mental pictures, everyone? Good. Moving on. The only scenario I can think that this would be acceptable -- or reasonable -- is not on a polo shirt at all. Think back to in The Godfather when Al Pacino is waiting outside the hospital after visiting Marlon Brando. He's wearing a jacket, the weather looks chilly, and he turns his collar upward. Makes sense: it's cold out -- Al's neck needs a bit of protection from the elements. A similar time I've seen it done is with pea coats on sailors. Personally, I think - with a coat or jacket - it can look kinda cool. Plus, it has a function. But I really find it ridiculous with a polo. And I doubt that it's to combat the winter. Maybe that's because I've viewed it in the middle of August in New Orleans. Or because it's done by the same type who wear the "trucker hats" since they're following the lead of Ashton Kutcher. Who knows? I want to know what you guys think? Or if you have even viewed it at all... Thanks for any feedback.
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the collar of a polo shirt sticking straight up was a big thing in the early and mid 80s, unfortunately it seems to have reappeared
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I always get a chuckle when the lumpen proletariat gets it in their heads that something or other is cool or in fashion. Thankfully, I haven't seen anyone wearing polo shirts as you described up here in montreal. I think it looks ridiculous personally. The only collar I ever turn up is the one on my overcoat and I only do that when it's really windy and cold, as it adds an extra layer around my neck. Maybe it's just me, but when you intentionally wear something in a manner other than intended, I think it makes you look like a fool and someone that's trying too hard.
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I live in Melbourne, and see it on guys my age - say, 18-22, all the time, always with distressed jeans or track pants and sneakers, and just-out-of-bed hair that's actually carefully styled using just-out-of-bed hair product - and yes, recently, I've seen the addition of trucker's caps to the mix, because they're the coolest thing in the world, apparently. I notice they tend to walk around in packs, because they'd probably get beaten up if they travelled alone... I could forgive them if only one collar point was up, or if it was sporadic or accidental, but here's an insider tip: A lot of the time, their shirt collars have been starched to stay up. Sigh...
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