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19 hilly trail miles this morning. Feel like I'm starting to get my legs back.
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6 for my "long" run this morning. I'll bump it up to 7 next week.
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11.2km today @ 6:02/km. Had my pace down to 5:45 at the end. Felt pretty good, actually - I felt like I was starting to lag bigtime but was able to push through. Going to smash 10km in sub 55 this summer.
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5 miles today. Barely felt it.
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3.2 miles yesterday afternoon. The second mile was at the local high school track and I managed to get it in 6:29. It's been quite a while since I did that but I still want to bring it down about 10 seconds or s, and then do it for another mile as well.

3.2 again this morning but I wasn't able to replicate yesterday's fast mile. I'll happily settle for my 7:10 though with no fueling and jumping right out of bed.
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5 miles
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6.6 miles tonite and 10.4 trail miles on Saturday.
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5.75 miles on dead legs. Had a long elliptical session yesterday which I suppose zonked them even though low/no impact.
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In Ohio for the week and got in 8.2miles this morning on pancake flat sidewalks.  About 4 miles into the loop my shin started to have a little tinge of pain so I stopped and stretched a little.  By the end of the run it was fine but gave me flashbacks to the days when I had a lot of injuries.

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5.9 miles this morning.

Apparently today is National Running Day. I celebrated by kicking off my training plan for the Air Force Marathon in September. My goal is 3 hours 25 minutes.
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8 miles yesterday
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Intervals today (3 x 30 seconds; 3 x 60 seconds)

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3.5 miles this morning. Didn't even realize today was national running day, but I'm glad I got some miles in!
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Happy "National Running Day"
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6.2 this evening
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