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I have been enjoying 4-5 mile runs for the past few days in Chicago's West Loop neighborhoods. Running in new venues always makes me pick up my feet a little faster.

This morning was the first fairly, warm humid run that I've experienced this Spring. After all the wretched weather that we have had, there can be no complaints.
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Similar experience. I did 5.75 miles today, and took a new route, which was inspiring enough I forgot about my dead legs from 5.5-6.5 mile runs for the past four days straight.
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6 miles this morning
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5,2 miles today.
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6.5 miles this morning.

I'm on day #2 of a 40 day run streak from Memorial Day to 4th of July and also trying to get another 33 miles before the end of May to hit 200 for the month.
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4.7 at the track, including some interval work. The latter revealed that I ran too hard yesterday... shog[1].gif
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Did 6k today. My legs always seem to feel like bricks when I run on non-consecutive days... I've stopped lifting the past couple of weeks and it felt better to be squatting 3x/week on days I didn't run than it does to take a full-on rest. My longer runs that I do on Sundays that are preceded by a shorter one on Saturday always kick ass - perhaps I need to loosen the calves up on off days?
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Got in a swift 4.6 miles tonight.  Thinking about random things made it almost interval like.  Felt great!

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A brisk 5.29 miles today at a sub 8 min pace. I'm in Portland Maine, but was too wet/cold to enjoy the outdoors properly in the am.
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7 miles this morning
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Quick 3 miles this morning. I struggled to do 4 miles at a 9:40 pace last Friday, and I did 3 this morning at a 8:50 pace.
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4 miles before the rain came.
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5.7 miles yesterday
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Got in a new route last night with 5.35 miles.  It is a reversed loop of my shorter 4.6 mi loop with some extra roads added.  The worst part was the large hill I like running down to warm up...not so good at the end of a brisk run.

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6.4 this morning on my typical neighborhood loop.

Yesterday, I took the afternoon off of work and got in 12.5 on some nice trails at a park north of my office. I also managed to log close to 1,000' feet of climb, which is not easy to do in Metro Detroit.

Hill bypass? No thanks!

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