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13.5 miles yesterday morning and then 6.3 miles of farleks this morning.

I just found out that an elementary school a block from my house is hosting a 5k in a few weeks. Finally - my wife and daughter will have no excuse for not coming out and watching me run. They might not even have to leave the front porch!
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6 miles tonite
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4.8 miles this morning with a bunch of speedwork at the track. For some reason, I hate going to the track when the weather is cold so I always neglect speed through the fall and winter but now it's back to work.
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6.25 miles today. I ran fast for me (7.5 minute miles), as there appears to be a deluge on the way to the Philadelphia area.

All in all, the run flew by as the past two days I have been taking it easy with 45-minute elliptical workouts.
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Got out of work early yesterday and made the mistake of an afternoon run in the 90s.  I cut it short as I felt near in 5.7 miles and walked a good mile back home.  This was even with 44oz of water.  I will stick to nights or if I can shake myself out of bed for an early run.

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5 miles
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13.4 mud filled trail miles in the rain today.
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10 miles
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50 miles on the bike today with no run.  Tomorrow looks ripe for a long cruise on the trails.

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5.5 speedy miles.

I'm going on a week-long road trip next week and can tell I'm addicted to running since I'm totally down on not running for seven days straight.
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Intervals today (3x half a minute, 2x one minute)

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Did 6k yesterday and my legs felt like bricks at a 6:45/km pace. Did 10k today in 1:02, maintained around 6:15 the whole time and it felt awesome.

First 10km ever. If I can do it in 1:02 now and I'm doing a race in August, I think 55:00 is reasonable.
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13.25 mile trail run from Mammoth Mountain Ski Area to Devils Postpile. Awesome stuff! I'm onto the the tasting room at Mammoth Brewing Co!

Mile 1: Minarets Vista

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6 miles this morning, longest run in about 4 months. It was not easy.
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Got in 10.5 yesterday.  Partly cloudy turned to pure sun making the last 3 miles quite hot.

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