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Ran 6.2km this morning.
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5.2 mile easy run tonite.

Blahspam, is this the 50k you were training for? What race did you settle on running?


It'll actually be my first 50M. Leona Divide. I'm a little worried that I haven't trained enough (I'm not even sure what "enough" is for a race like this), but hoping my tenacity will carry me through :).

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4 this morning with a friend who's training to do Bay To Breakers next month. This was his longest run ever. He said afterward that he felt pretty good!
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8.5 for lunch. Normally I like a rest day before going long on Saturday but thought it might be a good idea to go long on slightly tired legs instead. I might not think this was such a good idea come tomorrow though.

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5 miles, this morning. Perfect weather: temperature was near 40, no wind.
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9.5 mile trail run this morning.
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25 trail miles with a healthy dose of climbing this morning.... followed by tacos and guinness :slayer:

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4 miles
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3.1mi light run

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3.2 with my elder son. I had a hunch he could do it without having to work up to the distance, and he did fine. 8'55"/mile. I think I've found my new running partner... smile.gif
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9.8 miles on Saturday and then 4.6 this morning. I was hoping to get about 8 miles in today but woke up an hour later than planned but it was nearly 70 degrees out and I wasn't about to miss this burst of spring (especially since it's supposed to be freezing rain tomorrow morning).
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Did a 5 mile brick run yesterday, after riding 41 miles.

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4 miles, this morning. The temperature was 68 degrees!
Temperatures have dropped drastically.
Overnight, 1-3 inches of snow is expected.
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4.5 mile easy run tonite
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