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37 for another month or so...
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6.1 miles tonite. Still windy w 30mph winds and bigger gusts, but an easy run. Stayed in some neighborhoods w/ hills and bigger homes. Helped block some wind.

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5.25 today. Harder than my usual 7.0, but I anticipated that.

Curious, what is the average age of all your runners? I'm 34, so have always assumed I'm about 10 years older than most here.

I'm 49 this summer.
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40 here. Woke up early but decided i needed a rest after 4 consecutive 8-9 mile days.
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5.5 mile easy run today.
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Didn't get a run in at lunch but have had a solid week of 3 mile nights.  Might try to hit the trails tomorrow.


As for age I seem to be the youngster at 28.  My legs and heart aren't failing me with injuries...it's other body parts.

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26.2-ish trail miles today. Good run, feel pretty good, and have another big run tomorrow. Took a few pics of my playground today.
Mostly single track and bridal trails. Rocky, rooty, and reasonably technical.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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I took today off after running about 8 - 10 miles daily over the past two weeks in SW Florida. Now I'm back to Michigan and even though it was about 30 degrees this morning, which is much warmer than it was when I left, I sorely miss those 60 degree a.m. runs I was spoiled with.

In other news, I won the lottery! The Marine Corps Marathon lottery that is and will be running that for the 2nd year in a row come October. It will be about 6 weeks after I run the chAir Force Marathon. I figure the Air Force one is down hill the entire route and you get to do it on a Segway so my main effort will be saved for the MCM.

Next year I'm going to try for the Army Marathon in March, Air Force in September, and Marine Corps in November.

Semper Fi!
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7.29 miles. Felt really good.
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Looks like a nice run Wingin it!  The rain kept me off the trails and into the gym.


MP...congrats to you!  Sounds like the trio is in order for 2015.'


I got in 4 miles with some mixed in exercises every .5 miles.  Our work gym is empty on the weeks so I can lay stuff out to get some other work in with my running.

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Ran 8 flat miles this morning. Getting my mojo back finally!
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Ran 5.88KM this morning with a 7min 30 second per KM pace, first run in about four months courtesy the never ending cold of December 2013-January 2014. Gotta start somewhere.
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My second 7.5 km. Much harder than my first one last week; a bit faster, though

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17 mile trail run this morning. After running 26 yesterday, I was really surprised how good I felt today. Ran a faster pace, felt strong, and could have gone another 10.
This marks my biggest mileage week ever at just over 70 miles. 3 weeks to go until the 100K race.

Ran in North Face Single track Hayasa II's today. A really nice shoe to hit the trails if you need a wider forefoot and good technical trail shoe. Impressive fit.
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I ran 2 miles this morning, I usually just run 15-20 minutes every morning so around 2.5-3 miles.

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3.1. First run in two weeks. This groin strain is bringing me down.

Also, didn't get in for NYC. Did anyone win a spot?
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