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Ran about a mile and a half yesterday until my foot pain returned, so i got off the treadmill.

Doesn't hurt this morning though, which is a good sign.
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Been staying away from this thread a lot because I have been off running for 5 weeks and having people talk about their runs is depressing.  Got in a 1.7 mile run last night with my dog.  Felt good to get out but chose the wrong clothing.  Needed more breeze for the layers I put on but the dog only goes so fast.

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Ran a solid 7 miles today then became depressed when I saw that Mick Jagger runs 8.
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8.4 miles tonite w/ hill repeats. A bit more than Jumpin' Jack Flash.
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5.25 miles this evening.
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6.5 this morning at a faster than usual pace because I was running late for an appointment. My wife yelled at me anyway.
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6.9 tonite
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Got in 1.7 miles last night without the dog.  Leg speed is still there but not my cardio.  I huffed and puffed a bit running a 7:30/mi pace

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5.2 miles today.
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17.0 miles. Today I drove to the river (Rio Grande) and ran on flat trails for a change.
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Bit over 18 trail miles today. Ran into one of the local ultra ladies on my route back and she helped keep me on a pretty fierce pace until the end (even though she was 13 miles deeper into her run than I was). Felt really good to push hard on tired legs.
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17 miles of technical trails today.
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Oh my, I feel like a wimp compared to you guys, 7 miles!
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Ran 5.5 yesterday evening... Today I rode 70 miles. Good times!
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My longest run (no more walking in between)...


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