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Due to (another) blizzard, I was stranded in a hotel. I ran 4 miles on a dreadmill. I'd rather sit in the dentist's chair!
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The weather has been insane! Late nights and work have kept me off the road since Monday. But the schedule is clear tomorrow!

No kidding... Here's a pic from my ride this evening.

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7 miles this morning. It was still only in the 20s and close to the single digits with the windchill and the side streets are mostly unplowed from Wednesday's 6" of snow but I counted 8 other runners out there this morning. I cannot remember the last time I saw 2 other runners in the morning, let alone 8! I think we've just given up on this winter by now. I know I did - I didn't bother to shovel my driveway after this last round. I don't care if the mailman passes us up.
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5 this am
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6.5 miles this morning. Felt very good and strong. Tomorrow a core workout is on the radar.
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3.1 after work today. Keeping it simple and trying to stick with 2 small runs per week while doing other random workouts on other days...balance and stability, core, plyometrics, weights, etc.
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Usually i don't run a lot. Today i run 1.5 km when i was playing football. But everyday i walk a lot.

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6.2ish trail miles. Was going to go for an easy 100 minute run but got into a 10k trail race instead.
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20ish trail miles today. Pretty warm out there but thankfully the last 4-5 miles had a coastal breeze to keep me cooled down.
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This morning I ran a 10k in 49:01 and then turned around and did a 5k in 24:45. I was very pleased with my times, especially considering it was about 10 degrees out and I had 400 layers of clothing on.

My next run will be in much warmer weather. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Slow 3.5 miles today, still trying to get my legs back
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8 miles tonite. Wore a pair of Hoka Bondi 3's. Never been a fan of the look and size, but tried them tonite. Seemed a bit heavy and very rigid, but I ran as fast as normal as felt decent running in them. Jury is still out, but I may keep them for easy days.
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I've been wanting to try one of the hoka models (in spite or because of their ridiculousness).

Late 10k today. Forgot what it was like to run so late in the day... Low sun & long shadows make trails seem all the more ferocious.
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I find the Hokas great on easy terrain, not so much on more technical trails. I suspect the slightly higher position caused part of my knee problem at the RR100.
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