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Merci bien, messieurs!
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7.4 in Golden Gate Park. Spectacular day. Not so spectacular run... I'm chalking it up to my first back-to-back days since October.
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10.0 on Saturday and then 7.4 miles this morning. The thermometer said the temp was about 20º when I went outside, but it felt closer to 0º. Saturday's run was in the low 40s and looking ahead at the ten day forecast, that will probably be the last run in temps above freezing for quite some time. We are supposed to be back down below zero by the end of the week.
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7.3 miles tonite.
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5.5 miles on trails this afternoon. I almost felt normal!
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4.5 miles at a nice pace. Stretched out afterward, and when I went to get in my car, I realized my keys had bounced out of my shorts. I didn't panic, but I faced a crucial decision: Which way to run around the loop to look for them? Also, there are a couple of "lost key" boards with hooks on the fences alongside the trail, so there was a chance that a well meaning person would have picked up the keys before I got back to them. Guess what happened? I got all the way around for another 4.5 without seeing them. I called a cab, but before heading home, I had him drive by the key boards. Found them on the second board, of course.

Between the second loop and waiting for the cab, I was out 90 minutes and $20.

So, 9 miles.
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I ran two miles today.  Started to get icy in spots as the day was very cold, so I could not get more in!

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That sucks @sugarbutch. Losing my keys is always one of my fears when I drive to a trail or a race. Last summer I thought I had lost the key to my wife's car while I was out on a very tough 30k. I started to panic and then the panic created an urge for me to pee. I went off to the tree line and while I was fumbling with my shorts found her key had somehow removed itself from my pocket and tangled up in the lining of my shorts. What a relief! After that, I dug out the chain I used to use for my dog tags from when I was in the Marines and now wear that around my neck when I run and pass it through the key.

For me, I put in about 6.5 miles this morning in Polar Vortex IV. It's back down to the low single digits and about -10º windchill here in Metro Detroit.
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I am still out another 4 weeks before getting back into running again.  I sometimes resist coming in here as I get a little sad.


SB - Rough you lost your keys.  I usually just carry my Key Fob but fear it bouncing out sometimes.  No key boards in our area.

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8.0 miles. Faster pace than my 4 miles on Monday.

I'm supposed to do 17 miles on Saturday and then a 30k race in 10 days. I think I'm going to skip the 17 miler and rest the knees a bit before the 30k trail race.
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4.5 miles in the rain this afternoon!

Pro tip as to what to do with your keys... Safety pin it to the inside of your pocket. That's what I do anyway.

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I recognize those shoes! Unfortunately, I can only find the green ones now. I guess that was the least popular color.

I realized in hindsight that I put my keys in that pocket because I recently added a key to my *very* minimal set of keys, and it prevented folding them up so that they fit into the "key" pocket on the inside of my shorts. I've fixed that, so I hope never to have that problem again. Ever.
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Another thought for keeping keys on yourself while running is running the key through a lace on your shoe similar to a race timing chip.

10.3 miles tonite w/ mile repeats.

So, have to ask if any of you have ever taken or been on this stuff. A bit of info...My sinus infection has not gone away for 10 days and felt like it was coming back and getting worse. Not bad enough to stop training, but a pretty good inconvenience. So doctor see's me and says we need to try something a bit stronger and different to knock the sinus infection down. He prescribes Levofloxacin and after reading the document with it, the first thing it says is may cause tendon damage, tears, or ruptures. That is outside of the normal side effects portion due to class action suits. I took it back and requested something else. He thought I was a bit over protective, but said he was fine with giving me something else. Didn't sound like something a runner / ultra runner should be on.

Any of you ever taken this stuff or heard anything bad about it.

Here is another snippet from a webstie:
Avoid exercise and using the affected area. The most common area of pain and swelling is the Achilles tendon at the back of your ankle. This can also happen with other tendons. Talk to your healthcare provider about the risk of tendon rupture with continued use of LEVAQUIN. You may need a different antibiotic that is not a fluoroquinolone to treat your infection.
Tendon rupture can happen while you are taking or after you have finished taking LEVAQUIN. Tendon ruptures have happened up to several months after people have finished taking their fluoroquinolone.
•Get medical help right away if you get any of the following signs or symptoms of a tendon rupture:
•hear or feel a snap or pop in a tendon area
•bruising right after an injury in a tendon area
•unable to move the affected area or bear weight
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Sweet jayzus! It would never occur to me to look for such a side effect. Yikes.
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Sweet jayzus! It would never occur to me to look for such a side effect. Yikes.

Forget that!!
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