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It is spectacular, isn't it? Cool enough that it's a bit breezy in the shade, nicely warm in the sun.

a little warmer down here in LA I suppose but a beautiful day regardless. Did a few easy miles this afternoon, but really got to get back on point... been too lazy recently.
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6.4 miles for me this morning.
Originally Posted by blahspam View Post

So the 50k went ok. Really appreciate the reminders to eat eat eat. I didn't hit my ordinary nutrition wall in the 4th hour. However I did have to fight off a 7 mile bout with digestion problems.

Considering how un runnable the course was, I didn't lose all that much ground by walking. It had over 6k elevation with some incredibly steep ascents / slippery descent. The course was very rocky and the single track only had a couple sections where you could really open it up. Kind of disappointed in the course but the race was very well run and none of the aid stations ran out of anything, including ice which is quite a feat in 80+ temps.

I finished in 7:12 and was secretly hoping to break 7 hours (by comparison, my buddy who ran this as his 45th ultra couldn't break 6 hours). I feel pretty good and finished strong.

So today I ran 50k smile.gif. Looking forward to recovering and talking myself into doing another. Right now all I want is beer and rest.

6k in elevation change?!? crazy.gif

That blows this flatlander's mind! I live in a city called "Bloomfield Hills" and I am lucky if I can register a couple hundred feet in elevation change over the course of a 20-miler! There are some actual hilly areas in Metro Detroit, but it's runs like your 50k that remind me how insignificant our hills really are here. Next year I want to find a half marathon or maybe a 30k to run somewhere sunny, warm, and hilly.
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4.5 yesterday morning
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Originally Posted by jbarwick View Post



Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Congratulations, blahspam!


Thanks gents. My legs are almost back to normal today. Planning to get a short lunch run in today to work out the rest of the kinks and get a jump on training for my first 50M in April.

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I did another 6.3 miles this morning. I am getting over a cold and couldn't stop coughing last night (but otherwise feel fine) so my wife implored me to take some NyQuil so she could get some sleep. I obliged and took a swig and then went back to sleep for a few hours.I got out on the street to start running at about 4:45 a.m. and I felt like a complete zombie. I had no idea what was going on and my head was totally in the clouds. If you can think of about 30 more fog and spacey metaphors, insert them here because they all applied.

Purple drank is probably not what you are supposed to hydrate with before your runs.
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I've had some nights after Nyquil/Tylenol PM that I wake up the next day and wonder if I owe anyone an apology.  Sometimes the dreams are pretty vivid.

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Finally actually ran a bit today. Only three miles, as there's still some lingering soreness. It was nice to get back out though!
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4.4 miles tonite for first time in 5 days. Was sick for a few days and not well enough to run. Felt good to get out today for a bit.

100K in April coming up.
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6 miles yesterday and struggled to finish 5 today. Skipping breakfast hit me harder than usual... Zero energies.
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5.3 miles yesterday and 11.3 trail miles today. Over flu except still have the sinus infection. Should be gone in a couple days and back to normal training.
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My first 5 km of running without walking. Quite slow, but that didn't matter today.


This was my goal to reach before a year of quitting smoking. That year is a day and a month away, but the running goal has already been accomplished. smile.gif
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13.1 miles today. It wasn't an organized half-marathon. It was my first long run where I felt strong throughout.
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Congratulations on both accomplishments, NOBD.

3 early this morning.
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10+ this morning. I almost talked myself out of going because I wasn't feeling great. Decided to go out and do an easy 3-4 miles but started to feel better and kept going.

Edit: congrats NOBD!
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