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Not sure if I shared this before or not, so posting.

If any of you guys are training and getting into some longer runs (time or mileage) and looking for different fueling / nutrition strategies, I tried Vitargo and have been really impressed. It is more expensive than Sustained Energy or Perpetuem by Hammer, so I only use it on longer runs. Still use SE for shorter runs as it is cheaper and doesn't cause me gastric problems until I'm out there for while.

The Vitargo caused no gastric distress, moves through system as advertised, and really kept me fueled. No issues during 4 times using it now. Pretty good stuff.
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In the same vein, I can give you guys the recipe for making your own go fuel. It's far cheaper than anything commercially available, better tasting, and I made it through 100km without getting sick of it.
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This morning, the wind chill is -7 degrees. So much for our balmy weather. Woe!
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15.0 miles this morning. When I finished it was 77F, so I was hot, sweaty, and dehydrated. I probably drank 40 oz during the run but it still didn't seem like enough.
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My first 5k (just) under half an hour!


: )
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10.2 miles Saturday.
Congrats NOBD on your race.
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Thank you!
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8, with 4 x 400 intervals
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Still no running, but I did ride 2.5 hours on a glorious day here in NorCal...
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It is spectacular, isn't it? Cool enough that it's a bit breezy in the shade, nicely warm in the sun.
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Look for yourselves!

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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

It is spectacular, isn't it? Cool enough that it's a bit breezy in the shade, nicely warm in the sun.


Yeah, it was pretty breezy. We went up to Woodside and back, so tailwind for the second half... :slayer:

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So the 50k went ok. Really appreciate the reminders to eat eat eat. I didn't hit my ordinary nutrition wall in the 4th hour. However I did have to fight off a 7 mile bout with digestion problems.

Considering how un runnable the course was, I didn't lose all that much ground by walking. It had over 6k elevation with some incredibly steep ascents / slippery descent. The course was very rocky and the single track only had a couple sections where you could really open it up. Kind of disappointed in the course but the race was very well run and none of the aid stations ran out of anything, including ice which is quite a feat in 80+ temps.

I finished in 7:12 and was secretly hoping to break 7 hours (by comparison, my buddy who ran this as his 45th ultra couldn't break 6 hours). I feel pretty good and finished strong.

So today I ran 50k smile.gif. Looking forward to recovering and talking myself into doing another. Right now all I want is beer and rest.
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Congratulations, blahspam!
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