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Thanks all. A bit sore today, but not too bad. They put a few more stats out for the 50K. 149 signed up, 119 started the race, 69 actually finished for a 58% finishers rate.
Will be taking 3 days off and stretching only before lacing up again and getting back into things.

Good luck Blahspam on next weekend. If this is your first 50K, don't underestimate hydration and nutrition during the race. It's as important or more than anything else. Have fun.
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Something my northern brethren will appreciate:

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^ lol that's funny. Snow running can be fun, but after 3.5 relaxed miles on a sunny, 75 degree Monday afternoon I know I don't miss that shit at. ALL.
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8 miles. Ran in the afternoon, always a challenge for me since that seems to coincide with a low in my daily energy cycle. Combined with a lack of sleep last night and eating too much at lunch, it made for a real slog.
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A bit more than 5 miles yesterday afternoon on the dreadmill. That's the longest I've done indoors in a very long time. I mixed it up by sprinting for a mile then doing about 2 minutes with the biggest incline I could handle and repeating. I think 5 flat miles would have killed me from boredom. At least there was a pleasant view of the yoga studio.
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This morning, the actual temperature--no wind chill--is -18 degrees. Argh.
I did 60 burpees and 4 sets of 40 mountain climbers and other things.
This is the winter of our discontent.
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7 miles after a work meeting. 55F. Stayed on the flats, mostly. Felt good.icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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5 easy miles. Took 3 days completely off and felt very good during this run. Off tomorrow w/ core workout and should be reasonably recovered from Sat. race.
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I feel sorry for all you guys in Michigan running in below freezing weather in the snow. Did you see this video?

You can feel sorry for me from June-Sept. when the highs are always >95F.
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This afternoon, the temperature is 24 degrees. Yesssss!
4 miles on the snowy trails.
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I did 3 miles indoors yesterday evening. I'm looking forward to running tomorrow morning when it's supposed to be about 20ยบ at 5:00 a.m. Crazy! Who looks forward to that kind of stuff?!? Oh well. We booked our flight to Florida so in a few weeks I'll be running in sunny Naples for 12 days! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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At 4:30 a.m., 3 miles. It was my first early morning run in ages. The temperature was a balmy 20 degrees. Two days ago, it was -15 degrees. It's all relative. Overnight, there was a light 1/2 inch snowfall. I never fail to delight in seeing who else--human or critter-- is out at that time of day making tracks on the snow.
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I was out there about the same time this morning for 6 miles. It's funny that in October if the weather was like this, I would have been wearing two pair of gloves, scarf, fleece tights, a couple thermal shirts, windproof shells (top and bottom), etc. but today I just wore my thinnest gloves, fleece tights, thermal henley, and a very light jacket.

It's all relative indeed!
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5.6 miles this afternoon. 20's here too. We have a heat wave coming though. Pushing 60 by mid week. May get all the rest of the snow melted.
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