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I am very satisfied with the LL Bean Trailblazer XR Headlamp. It cost about $40 and worth it. (I had several Bean credits to use up.) In the dark, I want to be lit up like a Christmas tree.

From the catalog:
Compact, lightweight headlamp with one white Maxbright LED and three red Ultrabright LEDs
Single Maxbright LED puts out 100 lumens of light in a long-range beam
Three red LEDs for area lighting that preserve your night vision

Whether it's a long-distance beam or close-range area light, this lightweight, compact headlamp has the technical features to do the job at a great price. The single Maxbright white LED puts out 100 lumens of light, producing a beam than can reach over 150 feet. The three red Ultrabright LEDs provide area lighting for the campsite, cook table or tent while preserving your night vision. Each set of LEDs has high and low settings. Large on/off button can be operated with gloves on. Ratcheting head moves up and down, allowing you to aim the beam wherever you need it. Runs up to 200 hours on three AAA batteries, included. USA.
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I use a Petzl Tikka Plus. I can't speak as to its cold weather performance though.
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I use a Princeton Remix which looks a lot like that LL Bean one.  Cold weather eats batteries but I feel safe with it and the weight is not too bad since it uses AAA's.


Ran in shorts and a t-shirt today with Nashville having weather in the 50s.  The cold will come back though.

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Day 4 of the run streak and another 3.7 miles down.
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This morning, in the fog, both weather-wise and mentally, 3 miles. It is a balmy thirty-something degrees.
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6. First time I've seen frost on the ground since last winter.

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I got in 5.9 easy miles last night.  It is unusually warm in Tennessee so I have been in shorts and a t-shirt for the past week.


I envy the morning runs posted here.  My fiance insists I help walk the dogs in the morning leaving me to only being able to run at night after dinner.  We are in the process of selling/buying a new house, hopefully with a fenced in yard, so I can get morning runs in again!

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6.3 miles this morning

It was 62º at 5:00 a.m. here and is now 43º and feels like 35º with the windchill. What a difference a few hours make!
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What? It's colder here than in Michigan?
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8.09 this morning. I had a sugar-free RedBull prior for no particular reason, and I sweated like a pig during the run. It felt kind of fun!
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Wunderground had the temp in Foster City at 28º this morning, Fueco!
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Yeah, same down here in Apple City...
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Wunderground had the temp in Foster City at 28º this morning, Fueco!

We're getting there here in Detroit. It's now down to 39º and it looks like my Saturday morning run will be below 20º.

When I pulled up the weather on my phone it also showed me Naples, FL (where we go for a few weeks each winter) and it said it's currently 84º and sunny. I wonder if I can convince my wife we should take an earlier than normal vacation?
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^ I live pretty close to Naples and it's 86 here right now. I got 4 miles in at 5:30am today and I ran in shorts and a sleeveless shirt smile.gif
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Early this morning, 3 miles.
The wind gusts were fierce.
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