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That's what she said... mwink[1].gif
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This morning, 5 miles. Wind chill: 7 degrees at 5:30 a.m. I guess that it is time to find the wool leggings. My long compression socks still leave the knee area exposed. There was a light snowfall over night. Kind of neat to see all the tracks of other runners and other critters on the pathway.
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4.7 this fine evening around the neighborhood. Wind chill? 55...
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4 miles yesterday.
6.1 this morning. About 30 degrees, nice and sunny, good fun run.

Was pretty windy and made it colder wearing shorts. Got home and remembered with it being winter now, may have to break out the winter wind briefs for longer runs. Forgot how painful and uncomfortable the cold wind can be. shog[1].gif

Fueco / Jbar: Not sure if you guys are fans of Injinji socks or not, but the new 2.0 Performance Trail socks are awesome. Very comfortable, dry, and just built really well. I'm an Injinji fan, and these are even better than the rest. Worth trying for long distance.

And today, I'd like to leave you all with 2 words: "Fire Schwartz".
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4 mellow miles this morning, partially with friends. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!
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I got in 4.5 miles today with some good weather here in Memphis.  I have wanted to try the Injinji toe socks but haven't tried them on in person.

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only 2.5 to get the blood going. but good to know i'm not the only nut who still runs on Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day everyone.
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4.2 yesterday on Thanksgiving. It wasn't as cold here as some other places, but 41 with a 35 wind chill is freezing for Florida!
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3.1 yesterday.
10.4 miles on the trails today. Great to get out there again and beautiful day here.
Legs feel good from ramping up slowly over the last couple weeks.
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22.1 miles today, mostly on roads. I felt a bit sluggish at first, so my pace never really set in. Finished strong though! That's 48.1 for the week.
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2.5 miles this morning at 4500 ft above sea level around Lake Gregory. There's no air up there! Eight hours in the car later, back to about 150 ft. in San Francisco.
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Ran 6.12 km this morning. It's around 38-39f up here in Greater Toronto and a very light drizzle.
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Injinji has the 2.0 Trail socks on sale at their site for $12 / pair.

$3 off the normal price.
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Back from Canadia. Starting up again tomorrow morn.

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Put in 8.5 tonight after 4 days of non-stop eating and wine.  

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