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5.7 miles yesterday in two pieces. Now on tom my two long runs for the week. I'm due for 29 miles between today and tomorrow.
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Got in 6 last night.  I passed a bike slowly going up a hill but he got me on the downhill.  Also saw a few more people with headlamps out so I didn't feel so out of place.

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4.4 miles today
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Ran 9 this afternoon on a gorgeous fall day. In the morning I go big!
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Yesterday, 7 miles, in Chicago, mostly near Magnificent Mile and the lake front. The wind was brutal, but it was fun. Seeing the angry waves of Lake Michigan crash against the shore was neat.
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20 miles in about 3:24:30, mostly road with about 1200 feet of climbing. Beautiful day for it!
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first 5k this morning. of course my nike app malfunctioned. it somehow switched to the running on treadmill option. still got my time @ 10:30 / mile though.

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Got in 7.25 miles on my normal trail route of 1200' of climbing.  Best part about it was I set an 8 minute PR in the 30* weather.  Felt AMAZING!  Trying to go under an hour for this lap but I will have to cut off 3min 21sec from todays incredible run.

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4.4 miles in some chilly weather. About 20 degrees with some wind this a.m. Broke out the winter stuff. Right on the edge of the Sugoi 180 jacket being too warm and going with long sleeve shirt and wind proof vest. Love that jacket.
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4 miles. Wind chill is 12 degrees. Getting used to winter...
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I feel bad for all of you in cold weather... I'm working on my bike in the shade on the back patio, wearing shorts.
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4 miles this morning. First run since my half marathon last month. It was a tough four miles! But I think I'll snap back into shape pretty quickly once I get back on a good schedule. Weather is still good here too - it was around 65 when I ran at 8am today.
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BG - Ever run the Dances w/ Dirt Green Swamp addition? Its around Dade City. They have 4 of them around the country. Pretty good time.
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Did a 5K last night in the drizzle here in Arizona. It felt pretty good, so I decided I'm going to try and get back into running for real.
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Woke up quite late today only had time for a quick mile. Ran really quick (for me). 8:40 / mile.


Going home for thanksgiving so likely won't be able to run. My filson duffle will not accommodate such gear. Also Canada might be a reason.   :hide: 

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