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6.5 today. I had a slight tickle in my throat, so am concerned about pushing it….
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5.4 miles this afternoon on yet another glorious fall in NorCal.
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3.6 miles
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2 miles early this morning!

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6 miles. Temp around 34 degrees. No wind. Clear sky--constellations. Perfect!
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18.6 miles in the Baylands. 49 degrees when I started, 61 now!
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Great run Fueco!

I did 7.5 this morning. Started slow, but got into the groove and enjoyed the unseasonably mild weather in the Northeast now.
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16 km/9,2 m in 61 minutes today. Absolutely stunning fall weather and perfect running conditions. It is not often the sea is calm and the sky is blue during my november runs. Started out rather slowly, and ended with 3 km at a pace just under 3.35 per km...
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Had to take a week off running.  Hopefully find out Wednesday if I can resume.  Surgery complications are no joke.  It's like my mind and heart are ready to go but my body is just falling apart at  28

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I tried to run this morning, but the wind gusts were still 40+ mph. I will try later. Am grateful that we still have power. My thoughts are with people all over the central Midwest who experienced severe storms and tornadoes.
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I think the thing to do there, CP, is run with the wind at your back. Set some PRs, and then call a cab to get you back home into the headwind. smile.gif
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Anyone else use Strava for their runs?  It is some friendly competition and heck I don't know any of the guys I "compete" with but it is fun.  The trails I run have some quick times posted but I think I could get some KOM's if I specifically tried to grab a section.  Since I am practicing to go longer I walk some of the inclines that are runnable.  Also I have a few KOM's on an old loop I used to do that someone took...that is on my list of things to do because it is a section I have never tried to go fast on but someone "beat" me.  Once I get the all clear from the Doc I am going over there and taking my KOM back.


TL;DR: You don't Strava?

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Are there taxi cabs in "Lake Woebegon"? biggrin.gif
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Ran after work for the first time after work today (usually run in mornings). Ran 1.85 miles @ 9.16 /mile pace. Definitely fastest pace yet...felt very good.

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3 miles this afternoon. The wind was still brutal. Gotta toughen up for winter.
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