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26.2 yesterday through the streets of NYC. Definitely did not go according to plan.

I had both my Garmin and my phone Nike+ app going, and both were initially accurate, but then seemed to have difficulty keeping a steady lock on my pace. At times they differed by more than a minute per mile (about 30s in opposite directions) and it was really difficult to be confident that I was maintaining a good pace. I ultimately started using my heart rate as the arbiter. Running on the lower deck of the Queensboro Bridge was the final straw for my devices. The app went to about .5 mile optimistic and the Garmin to .2 mile pessimistic.

During mile 6, my right knee started to hurt; surprising because I haven't had any knee pain in forever, and certainly not after six miles. It stayed at a minor level, though, and I was able to ignore it. At mile 17, though, my right calf cramped up. I don't think I've ever had this happen in nearly five years of running. This dropped my pace by about a minute, but I kept at it and even felt it subside somewhat around 20 and had hope that I could at least get back on track to finish under 4 hours. That hope lasted about a mile. The cramp was joined by pain in my right foot, and I dropped to around 11 minute miles for 22 and 23. In the 23rd mile, I started to walk some, and then run again, but that soon became just walking. Mile 24 took about 15 minutes, followed by 18 minutes for 25 as my walk became more of a hobble, and then 19+ for the final mile. I couldn't even jog across the finish line. My time ended up about 117% of my target.

I would sum it up in one word: Humbling.

Positives: I finished! I met my fundraising goal for the charity. I got to see some good friends and a friend I hadn't seen since college.

The people of NYC are pretty amazing.

PS: When I crossed the finish line, the Garmin had apparently gotten back on track, and read 26.22 miles. ffffuuuu.gif
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Fantastic job! Despite not hitting your goal, from an outsider's perspective I can only give you plaudits for finishing the race despite unexpected and creeping pain.
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Congrats on the finish and fundraising SB!  Sorry it did not go as planned.  If you started in the 2nd group of starters you could have possibly been the millionth running of the NYC marathon.

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SB - Congrats on finishing NYC! Even if you didn't meet your goal, you finished! Was this your first marathon? I know it was probably asked a while back but I forget. NYC is on my to-do list for big marathons (along with Chicago and Boston). I just imagine that the crowds and spectators can make it a fun event, no matter how well you run.

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One thing I noticed is I've gained about 6-7 pounds in the process, which seemed counterintuitive to me. In the past, my usual workout regimen was 30-40 minutes on a random cardio machine 7 days a week. The biggest difference putting in more miles has been a feeling of tremendous hunger which lasts almost throughout my entire day. I snack on fruit a lot, which is the only thing that seems to abate it. I guess I need to carb it up more pre or immediately post longer runs.

I'll second Wingin' It's opinion about water weight. I used to be skeptical about how much of a difference water can really make in your weight when running but decided to weigh myself before and after every run for about 2 months. I hydrate pretty well (over a gallon of water a day, plus plenty of fruit, veggies, and fiber) and can see my weight drop by more than 5 pounds during runs of 18+ miles but when I weigh myself the next morning before my next run, I'm back to basically where I was before the long run the previous day.

I put in 4.5 miles this morning. This was the first run since last winter with the temps below freezing when I left the house. I love it!
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Ran NYC yesterday in 2:58:48. It was my 3rd NYC and after running a number of other marathons and other races, the NYC course is unrelenting. Between the bridges, the wind and the varying levels of quality of the cement (not something NYRR can do much about) it creates some serious challenges. It's part of the reason the finisher times for the elite are slower than other major marathons. That said I love the race, and have every intention on running it next year. The energy of the crowds is something I have not found anywhere else, really makes the day.

SB - nice job on pushing through to the end.
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Congrats to everyone who finished or participated in the NYC marathon. Watched a little on TV myself arrr. 


1.5 on Saturday. Inexplicably hungover on Sunday. 1.5 this morning.


Going to increase my mileage "slightly" going forward. 

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Sweating off a mild hangover in my experience has been helpful.  When it's one of those super rough hang overs....exercise makes it worse.

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that right,, racquetball burns calories at a slower rate, and more importantly, allows too much inactivity to be aerobic. thanks


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5 miles, this afternoon. There is a feel in the air, today, that winter is not too far off.
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Just finished 5.5 miles on trails. It's ridiculously nice here today, but there's rain in the forecast for later this week!
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Sweating off a mild hangover in my experience has been helpful.  When it's one of those super rough hang overs....exercise makes it worse.

Yeah I couldn't muster up for a run. This puppy wasn't mild :cheers:.

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26.2 yesterday through the streets of NYC. Definitely did not go according to plan.


I'm so sorry that "stuff" happened. But, you finished. You ARE a "machine"! Now, get thee to a doctor and make sure everything is OK.
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4.8 miles this morning. It was nearly 20º warmer at 5:30 a.m. today than it was yesterday.
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Got in 7.5 miles last night.  Felt good other than some hip soreness this morning.  Going to foam roll the hell out of it tonight.

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7 miles on the dot. I ran on a treadmill, which was mildly boring despite the fairly interesting sports news to watch.
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