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1. Garmin 305.  Want to update to the 310 as it is between 180-200 on Amazon.


2. A specialty shoe store can be helpful but can be a dud.  If the people know feet well they will get you in a pair of shoes that work with your foot and how you run.  I am neutral with slight pronation in one foot but neutral shoes work best for me.


3. I run laps around my neighborhood.  2 laps is ok most nights which put me at around 6 miles but anything more than that and I need a new place to run for fear of boredom.  Also reversing the route helps as it almost feels like a whole new place.  I have trails near me and some other road spots that I can move to for longer runs but I have to drive (or add an extra 5 miles round trip for the run and some road danger).

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3 miles, gingerly.
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Welcome, Onetwobit!

I use both the Nike+ app on my iPhone and a Garmin 210. The Garmin is more complete, but honestly I prefer the iPhone app for everyday usage. The Garmin gets used mostly for long runs which would kill the phone's battery and/or when I want to keep tabs on my heart rate.

Find a running store with a good reputation in your area, and try on a lot of shoes. You'll most likely go through a few brands/models as you zero in on what you like. It took me three years to find shoes I really liked, but mainly because I'm too cheap to stop using a pair before they're worn out. smile.gif

I run all over the city. When you're starting out, it's nice to find a loop of the appropriate distance. That way you can easily track your progress. As your runs get longer, you can start to explore your city.

6 miles for me this morning.
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6 miles mixed terrain this evening... Felt oh so nice!



Welcome Onetwobit!


As to your questions...



1. I use a Garmin 910XT without the heart rate monitor strap (it chafes when I run,so I only use it for cycling).

2. Try on lots of shoes. Find a good running store and get fit there. After a few years, you can probably tell on your own if a shoe is going to fit, but as a novice runner you're probably better off listening to the sage advice of a seasoned runner/shop monkey.


3. I run different courses, but have a couple of standard routes. I live just over two miles from the best local place for trail running, so a lot of my runs tend to be into that trail system. I can go for a ten mile out and back without getting on crazy hills. I can also start from my front door and run anything up to 40-50 miles without running on the streets for more than a mile at a time.

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5.5 mile trail run tonite.
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Thanks for all the responses guys. Going to research Garmin it seems! Trail running definitely seems fun / ideal. Unfortunately I'm in a rather urban neighborhood so running a grid will be my daily. Maybe on Saturdays or Sundays I will venture out to find something more interesting. 


1.5 miles this morning. 

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Got in 6 last night.  Really need to get a headlamp even though I run these same roads/side walks regularly I kept slowing down thinking there were bumps all over.

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9 miles this evening, half road and half trails.


I got to try out a pair of Hoka One One Stinsons today (a friend left a pair for me that's too small for him on my doorstep this morning). I felt like I was running on a cloud. These things are plush! The best comparison I can think of is the difference between walking on a trail versus walking in snowshoes in soft powder snow. But they felt fast! I had to check my speed constantly, even at 8+ miles... I looked down a half mile into my run and I was cruising at an 8:00 mile pace (I was supposed to be in the 9:30-10:00 pace for this run). My legs still don't really feel like I did anything like 9 miles. The shoes are at least a half size too big for me, so I might have to find a pair of 9.5s and 10s to try!

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Here's my collection of shoes, minus a pair of Saucony's that fill in the gap between the Brooks and the Hokas.

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4.3 along the bay
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

4.3 along the bay

"....the bay." Sigh! #jealousy
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1.5 again this morning. 


I'm planning on adding an extra grid per week. Each 'grid' aka block would increase my total distance by .3 miles.

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Also - a friend of mine suggested the Asics Kayano would be a reasonable starting shoe. Does any body have experience with them? 

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Originally Posted by Onetwobit View Post

Also - a friend of mine suggested the Asics Kayano would be a reasonable starting shoe. Does any body have experience with them? 


 As others have said, it depends more on whether the shoe fits you properly. I'd say that all of the big companies make shoes that are reasonably good for your needs. Try stuff on and see what feels best and get advice from the running store employees.

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4.4 mile easy shake 'em out run today to get ready for the Goatz 50K Sunday. Good luck to those of you running your marathons this weekend too.
Originally Posted by Onetwobit View Post

Also - a friend of mine suggested the Asics Kayano would be a reasonable starting shoe. Does any body have experience with them? 

Asics Gel Kayano are kind of a support shoe that are usually made for the larger heavier body that runs. You are no where near needing support shoes or wanting a shoe that heavy. Go to a good running store and try on some Saucony, Brooks, or New Balance and you'll cover quite a bit of different fits with those 3. If you don't have running store near you that you trust, go to Dicks and try some on. Take a pair that fit the best and most comfortable, then run a mile in them at home. If you feel pretty good, keep them and use them. If you have knee pain or something "feels" wrong, then take them back and exchange them for another pair that fit. Make sure you have about an inch in front of your toes for the fit. You'll need to move a bit for uphill, downhill, and maybe some swelling.
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