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on the outer side of my knee and i believe where the joints meet right under the patella. 3Lwa3it only hurts when i walk on a slight down hill slope , going down stairs,

or when jogging running.

Patellar tendinitis caused by improper patellar tracking, most likely. Happens a lot.

Take some anti-inflammatories (I like Aleve) and rest a bit. Maybe do some squats.

When the pain goes away, make sure to do some squats (or at least leg extensions, but those have fewer benefits).

And IME rest means lay off the running for a while shoe dude... even a couple of weeks or more if that's what it takes to stop hurting. You'll lose some conditioning, but it beats the hell out aggravating it into a more serious injury.

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10.6 miles yesterday.
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What does that kind of test cost?  I know triathletes go through all sorts of hoops to save a couple seconds or minutes though it seems these efforts would be good for people who want to race near their limits the entire race.  

$225 for test, results on paper w/ interpretations, and doctor consultation after.
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4 yesterday evening. Did 5k in 24'02"; If I'd known, I was that close to going under 24, I would have sped up a little bit!
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Thought you might appreciate my PureConnect family portrait. I really love these shoes!

I have a similar collection. I read the reviews on the 2.0 and several people are not happy with the redesign. Stocked up in two more pairs of the original.
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5.2 miles today.
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9.4. Went out for 12, but started to feel strain in the groin area, so I stopped. Now that I'm only two weeks away, I guess I'm getting paranoid about getting injured. shog[1].gif
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Finished my first half marathon yesterday. I was having a great run and making good time, but then right around mile 12.5, I got a bad leg cramp and had to stop and stretch and then I walked for about 2 tenths of a mile, so that ruined my time. I still finished under my original goal and my final time was 2:06, but I would have been cutting it really close to breaking 2 hours if I didn't get that cramp right at the end.

I think all the hills probably contributed to the injury - it was an extremely hilly course with lots of very steep hills, which I wasn't used to, so my legs were working overtime to get through those sections. I'm still glad I was able to run across the finish line, but I have a new goal for my next half. The next one I'm signed up for is much flatter, so I definitely think I can do that in under 2:00.
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SB - Some days pains just come along and we have to take it easy.  Any ideas of what caused it?


Beatle - I had the same issue when going from flat land to hills while on a weekend trip a couple of years back.  Caused all sorts of issues but now I am used to hills.


As for me I got in some good weekend runs.  I put in a 6 mile effort yesterday which felt good.  Going to be a busy week so trying to figure out how much running I can put in.  My training schedule really doesn't have me starting until December for a March race.

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I've been feeling a bit of soreness off and on for at least a week, but this felt like something more. It's probably just overuse. I'm feeling it in my upper, inner thigh, groin, and lower abdomen/pelvis on the right side. I don't have any other experience by which to judge, but based on how I've felt at the end of my high-mileage weekends and the reactions of folks here (and real-world friends), I'm thinking that my program may be overly stressful and leave me susceptible to injury. It feels like the long-ish fast runs on Saturday followed up by long runs on Sunday tire out all of the small muscles which affect my form/mechanics. I know thousands of people have used Higdon successfully, but it may not be the right thing for me. If I do this again, I'll look into other approaches.

Congratulations, Beatlegeuse! Sorry that it didn't go as planned, but you'll certainly do better next time.
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Kicked off my training week with 5.3 miles in the hills.


Plan for the week is to up the running days to 4, and increase the long run to 14 miles. It's getting fun!

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Gorgeous morning. Clear sky with the constellations visible. 32 degrees, but comfortable. Nice 5 mile run. Then, one mile from home, I tripped on a piece of jagged sidewalk, fell, gashed my knee cap, hit my head on the sidewalk, and got a cut near my eye. Sheesh! #battlescars shog[1].gif
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CP - Ouch!  I have not taken a tumble in a which but had hit my toe pretty hard quite a few times.


I got in 4.5 miles last night which felt good.  What does everyone use to keep themselves visible in the dark?  I have some reflective items but do not know if they really help drivers that much.

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Sorry to read about the fall CP. I've been pretty lucky in my predawn runs. FWIW, I usually avoid the sidewalk and run in the street (when it's a safe option) for that very reason.

I put in 9.8 miles this morning.
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Ouch, CP. I actually winced reading your description.

4 miles.
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6.3 miles with some short speed work tonite.
Originally Posted by jbarwick View Post

 What does everyone use to keep themselves visible in the dark?  I have some reflective items but do not know if they really help drivers that much.

Knuckle lights work well for street running. Not bright enough for technical trails. The Princeton Tech Remix is a cheap, light, & very bright headlamp that can be used on trails or street too. If the neighborhood or roads are bright enough, a general road reflection vest is light and works well.

CP- Tough spill. Hope your up and around quickly. I stay off the sidewalks and on the street due that reason, kids toys, and dogs that believe that the sidewalk is part of their yard.
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