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Got the good news from my Doc today that I can get back to running!  After a month off I will probably be slow as a dog but I am just happy I did not miss all of the fall running weather we have been having in NAshville.

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Michigan Planner The circus in Washington--our government--is ruining everything. And now, this. I hope that the race will be a "go".

This morning, I woke up in a funk--still brewing over the Tigers' 1-0 loss to the Red Sox. I did not want to go out for a run, but did so anyway. I had great run--6 miles--and felt much better. "The curative powers of running"
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MP, I hope they go ahead with it. That would be a huge disappointment if they don't.

8.4 in Golden Gate Park
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4.8 easy miles tonite.

BG- Nice run and congrats on the pace from where you were.
Jbar - Good to see you getting back out and healing up.
CP- the 5-1 game is the one that still makes me puke. No relief pitching on Tigers.
MP- Sorry to hear about the possible race cancellation. Start looking for a back-up, no reason to waste the training. There is a RW mag article on that topic this month.
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6.2 miles on trails. I'm due for a 12 mile run tomorrow morning. : )
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Official statement from the Marine Corps Marathon: "We are on!" icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

I would have hated to use my airfare and hotel to do nothing but drinking and overeating in DC for 5 days instead of relaxing and running.
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Thought you might appreciate my PureConnect family portrait. I really love these shoes!

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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Thought you might appreciate my PureConnect family portrait. I really love these shoes!

Nice! I'm taking mine out for their longest run yet in a few hours (I have to run early because I'm donating blood at 5:30)...
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12 miles mixed terrain this afternoon. Life is good!
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3.3 miles!  First time out in 4 or 5 weeks.  First mile and a half was breaking off the rust that had formed then my legs were back.  May have lost a few seconds of speed but was ticking away at 7:30min/mi like I had hardly left.  Feeling fresh this morning.

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7.4 miles this morning with two 2.5 mile stretches below an 8:00 pace. I've got just 9 days to go until the Marine Corps Marathon.
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Achilles and calf a bit sore for some reason, so took a day off. Had a Max VO2 test yesterday at heart institute. Interesting test. Start out at 3 mph and 0 incline. About every 10-15 seconds the incline goes up 0.5 degrees until it hits 22 degrees. Once there, it begins to increase speed by 0.1 mph every 10-15 seconds until you cry uncle. Your hooked up to a ton of wires, a snorkel to only breath thru your mouth, a blood pressure cuff (measured every 2-3 minutes while running), and finger heart rate monitor. This is followed by a lung capacity test (performed twice) that you breath into and out of a tube for 12 seconds as deep and rapidly as possible.

Should be able to tell you how your heart functions during stress, your VO2 max, what capacity you are using your VO2, when you switch from aerobic to anaerobic and start to dump lactic acid, and the doctor can tell you where to focus your efforts. Get results on Monday.
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What does that kind of test cost?  I know triathletes go through all sorts of hoops to save a couple seconds or minutes though it seems these efforts would be good for people who want to race near their limits the entire race.  

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Originally Posted by whiy View Post
Originally Posted by shoes View Post
on the outer side of my knee and i believe where the joints meet right under the patella. 3Lwa3it only hurts when i walk on a slight down hill slope , going down stairs,

or when jogging running.

Patellar tendinitis caused by improper patellar tracking, most likely. Happens a lot.

Take some anti-inflammatories (I like Aleve) and rest a bit. Maybe do some squats.

When the pain goes away, make sure to do some squats (or at least leg extensions, but those have fewer benefits).

And IME rest means lay off the running for a while shoe dude... even a couple of weeks or more if that's what it takes to stop hurting. You'll lose some conditioning, but it beats the hell out aggravating it into a more serious injury.

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