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4 speedy miles today. Tapering before next weekend's half marathon, so I figured I'd try a short distance, and I'd run it as fast as I possibly can. Finished the four miles in 32:19, which shatters my PR for this distance by over 2 minutes. The fastest I've ever run 4 miles, my pace was about 8:35 per mile, I finished this morning with a 8:04 pace. I really wanted to get a sub-8 minute pace, but this was the best I could do. Maybe I'll break that barrier some time in the future.
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Been off the grid of late but have been getting some runs in. Ran the Grete's Great Gallop on sunday in 1:24:25 which felt pretty good. Tryign to hit sub 2:55 for NYC in three weeks. It won't be easy but we'll see. 5.1 miles this morning in central park in 34:41
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6.85 miles mixed terrain today. Thus ends my longest training week since before my half ironman in September (20.1 miles).
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The weather, during these past few weeks, has been absolutely perfect for running. Usually, I run before sunrise, and while the temperatures have sometimes been in the 30s, it has not been a problem as there is no winter wind. It's a pity that our weather can't be like this all the time. One morning, the sky was perfectly clear and all the constellations were visible. I had to remind myself to stop gawking at the sky and look where I was going. Earlier, this week, I spent several days in West Michigan and was able to run every day near the Lake Michigan shoreline. Man! That's living. On Wednesday morning, the day after the Tigers beat the A's in dramatic fashion, I was so pumped up that I ran 9 miles.
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Had planned some speedwork, but had to bring my son along in the babyjogger. Still, we managed 12 km in 52 minutes, with 3 km at sub 3.50 speed.
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17.2 miles fast finish long run. Easy run until the last 5.5 miles @ 7:34 ave pace. Really solid run for me. Will start to taper next week about 11 days out from my last major race of the season.

Used the Alpha pak from UltrAspire today. Holds 2L of fluid and really nice storage compartments for a light pak. With the cooler weather, I didn't need that much water, but nice to have. Good pak for longer training runs so no need to stop or plan for water. With most races, I hand carry water w/ Sustained Energy (Camelbak handheld) w/ small waist pak of gel, etc.

What plans do all of you have for fluid and nutrition with your upcoming races?
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^ when I did 13.1 last weekend I ate a bag of sport beans before my run and then took a GU gel halfway through and that was good for me. That was my first time experimenting with any fuel during a run and it worked pretty well for me, so I'll try to duplicate the same thing during my half marathon next weekend.

It's nothing close to what you would need for an ultra, so for any longer races you'll probably need a stricter fuel regimen.
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10 miles.

I have a belt which holds a 16 oz bottle and has a pouch which I use for gels. For NYC, I'm planning to carry water and enough gels to fuel every 45 minutes as recommended. The water is essentially a failsafe so that if I really want water between stations, a particular station is jammed up, or I want to wash down a gel, I'm covered. Open to other suggestions, though.

Tomorrow is my last weekend long run. After that 20, 12 the next Sunday, then 8, then RACE!
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Ran 8.79km this morning.
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For 13.1 or below I just do water or whatever the course has.  When training longer distances I usually run multiple loops and use a handheld in between.  My loops are usually 4 or 5 miles.  I then just stop and refill with water bottles I sit near my car and take a Gu or something if need be.  Marathons are such a pain when carrying gels and with handhelds I hate waiting for fluids at a stop.  Lemon-lime gu and gatorade is a terrible taste even at that point in a run when anything should taste good.

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Ran a pretty decent 5 km in 18 minutes, with the last three at a 3.30 pace. Three slow ks back home. 8 km in total
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5.2 mile recovery run today.
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20. It weren't pretty, but it's all downhill from here.
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Is that your longest training run SB ?
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Good work SB!  Taper is always a weird time as I never feel as productive.

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