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How many miles did you run today? - Page 590

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5 yesterday
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10k home from work in 39 minutes. Can still feel the marathon, but nothing too bad...
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What was your marathon time, steffenbp11? If a 39 min 10k is your recovery run, I'm thinking it had to be quick.

Another 6 for me today along bay in SF.
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2.43.09. smile.gif My pr is 2.41 set two years ago, but this course was s lot slower and the wind was brutal, so quite pleased
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I hate you. smile.gif

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9.1 miles today. Legs feeling better and getting back into some mileage. Will know more tomorrow when I have some hill work as to how the legs are doing.
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6.3 miles this morning. We had a pretty great summer for running here and so far fall is off to a great start, weather-wise, as well.
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7 km with my son in the babyjogger this afternoon. Very slow run..
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7.6 miles with hill intervals.
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5 miles in the dread post-work time slot. Hills.
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7 miles at 8:55 pace, new PR for this distance. The fastest I ran 7 miles in the past was in the 9:10 range
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10 km in 38 minutes this morning. Perfect fall day with no wind and clear skies Might have been the last day of the season for shorts and t-shirt...
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Went out for 12, but I had to call my wife to pick me up after 10.5. Sour stomach and zero energy. Hope I'm not coming down with something. Anyway, Bridge To Bridge 10k in the morning. We'll see how it goes.
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19.5 mile trail run today.
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2.5 mile run beat the odds breast cancer run in 13:35 in the morning and a 4.5 mile run in the afternoon and another later that evening.  About 12 miles total. 

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