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10.3 this morning. Got out before the heatwave. Its 100 on the nose right now. I left at 81 and back at 85 with around 45% humidity. Not too bad, but shirt, shorts, and hat are soaked. Sweating so much that my routes are planned where I can get a water bottle refill every 35-45 minutes. S-caps every 30 minutes.
Got a bit sick of listening to music and found some great podcasts to listen to. Really takes your mind off everything and quite a few with some good running info on them.

MP- you should drag him out w/ you, hung over or not. Tell him for the price of registration, you'll let him sleep in.
SB- There should be some good articles out there on what is ok for kids distance to run or not. There's always kids at 5 / 10K's but not sure what 8 y/o's should be doing. Mine are in their 20's.
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Originally Posted by Fueco View Post

I mustered 5 miles yesterday afternoon...

My next race is next weekend, so I'm into taper mode. I'm planning to crush my PR for the Half Ironman distance. smile.gif

Fueco, haven't seen you post in a while. Good luck, let us know how you did.
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I ended up doing the 30k instead of the 10k and wow! What a tough course! Nearly 1,300 feet in elevation climb which is sort of unheard of here in SE Michigan. The course was almost all on dirt roads through a couple very large parks/recreation areas. I'm glad I picked the 30k. I was hoping for about 2:30 but ended about 6 minutes slower and am not really complaining - the course was much more difficult than I was imagining and I didn't spend all day yesterday hydrating like I normally would before a run of that length.
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Do any of you have children who run, too? My 8-year-old is quite interested in it, and I wonder what are some realistic goals he can set for himself. He threw out 7 miles as a target, and it seemed reasonable to me, at least if he starts to run regularly. I think it would be a hoot to run a 10k with him.

I don't think 8 is too young at all to get interested in running. My daughter is 3 and we go to the playground at an elementary school right next to a high school track and she likes trying to run a lap on the track every now and then.
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After Michigan's 50 point victory in the Big House, I had a great 4 mile run in the Burns Park neighborhoods in Ann Arbor.
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13.1 with new PR, but about 12"/mile slower than the target I set for myself. Never felt strong today.
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20.7 miles today.

Go Blue!
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Courtesy the muggy/humid air sitting over Southern Ontario, I cranked out a tough 7KM run instead of my usual 9km.
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7 miles today. Was nice to finally run at temps in the low 80's w/ low humidity.

3 weeks to marathon. Trying for a BQ.

5 weeks to 50K trail race. Looking to PR and break 5:30.

Got to love fall running.
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4 miles this afternoon
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Ran 9 KM today making 25km so far this week.
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Ran another 9km this morning, a bit slower than yesterday but felt great.
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I put in 10.8 miles this morning and while running through the nearby downtown area I saw crews out stringing up Christmas lights in the trees along the main streets. ON SEPTEMBER 5TH!!!! ffffuuuu.gif
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Gotta get a jump on the season!

9 yesterday
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12.5 yesterday and 5.8 today. Kinda nice to run in low to mid 80's.
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4.25 this evening. Waited six hours after lunch, but the burrito still sat high and heavy in my gut and made the whole thing miserable. Ugh.

On a brighter note, I hit 700 miles YTD. Marathon training is on track, and I am so far injury-free.
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