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7.5 miles yesterday
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10 miles today in the Crim in Flint, MI at 1:14:18 which was 6 minutes and change better than my last timed 10 miler back in June.
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I ran the Crim 10 mile in Flint. Gorgeous day for a race. It was neat that, for awhile, I ran behind the guy who runs the race and dribbles three (Univ of Michigan) basketballs. He's there every year.

For 7 miles, I ran great. Then, I felt a tingle, but not a pain, in my right leg that I have been nursing back to good health. I slowed way, way down and even walked for a 1/2 mile until I was certain everything was OK. I resumed running to the end. But my finish time was down the toilet. I don't care. I still remember on Easter when I could barely walk three blocks. I was grateful to have done the race. Congrats to Michigan Planner!
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Good stuff, CP!

8 for me this morning in Golden Gate Park.
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CP - It sounds like finishing with a crappy time is still miles ahead of where you were in the spring. And even if you would have had to walk all ten miles today, it was definitely a beautiful day for it.
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9.2 miles this morning with perfect weather, slightly overcast, light breeze, not too hot or humid. Finished with a really good overall pace of 9:17.
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I ran with Evy again.
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This is Riley McLincha who runs the Crim 10 Mile Race (Flint, MI) every year while dribbling three basketballs. For about a mile, I ran behind him. Great fun to watch him and hear the cheers from the crowd.
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17. Lastest was the fastest!
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17. Lastest was the fastest!

Wish I could say the same. Ran 19 today for a long run. Went from about 11 a.m. until a bit past 2 pm. Left around 89 degres and was about 93 degrees when I finished w/ little wind and bright sunny skies. A decent amount of hills. By the end I was wondering wtf was I thinking.
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4 miles in a predawn run at a pace of 8'30".
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I did a 6.3 mile loop this morning. Like ClarinetPlayer it was "predawn". I can tell summer is coming to an end though because a month ago, it would have been nice and sunny at the same time. It will not be long until I break out the headlamp for running again.
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4 miles, this morning. 1 mile from home, I got caught in a fairly heavy rain. Oh well. It was a warm, summer rain.
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3 this morning with more sprint intervals
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Back to the track this morning for about 6 miles but it I was almost entirely .25 mile sprints (with 30 seconds of walking rest between each). At 5:15 a.m. it was nearly 80º and the humidity was downright oppressive. We've been spoiled here this summer in terms of good running weather so I guess I cannot really complain.
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