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hmmm.... that is certainly interesting. I read that it is a Swedish word... you are kidding about the beans right?

btw... did about 3 miles today getting back into it after a busy week of interviews.

Yeah, just joking. Fartleks are short quick runs similar to intervals. These were 1 min sub-5K pace and 1 min recovery jog x 12 reps w/ a warm-up and cool down run included.
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20 mile hot tough run today.
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8 miles this morning, my longest run in probably 6 months. Felt good, I have about 9 more weeks to go before my half marathon.
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10 yesterday, 7 this morning. My son rode his bike alongside today, and that was nice.
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Ran 6.71KM this morning at a 7min per km pace after being off for almost four weeks courtesy a nasty Summer cold.
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13 very slow miles yesterday morning. I had planned at running around an 8 minute pace (or even a few seconds faster) but had to slow it down to almost 9 minutes because my legs were just not feeling it. Today is a much appreciated day of rest. I even skipped out on spin class this morning.
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Ran 6.71km this morning at a 6 min 41 second per KM pace. Finally I'm getting my groove back.
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4. Trying to take it easy on pace, hoping this strain can "actively" recover.
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6.9 miles today. Nice easy run.
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Ran 7KM this morning.
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Ran 8.7miles today... Conditioning myself for a mountain trek and early preparation for my first ultra next year.

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12 today.
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My New Year's resolution this year was to run 1,000 miles. I put in a 9.5 mile run this morning which put me at 1,001.2 miles for the year. I reached my goal with more than 4 months to spare. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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