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Thanks for the kind words. When I finish up my race report I'll be sure to post it.

Didn't get any miles in today, or yesterday....
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I think you've earned a break, mm.

4 at a slow pace with a friend in town for business.
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7 on trails yesterday
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6 along the Embarcadero.

I am loving the gains I'm seeing from the consistent training for the marathon. If I had run another .2 I would have knocked about three minutes off my 10k PR.
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13 on trails today.
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started back training for another marathon this fall, went out this morning to do 6 and a combination of a late start with more sun than I'm used to and many more people on the trail lead me to come out way too quick and die around 3.5. Walked the rest, went to the beach all day and rested, then came back and did the trail for 6.5 tonight after sunset (and an extra half mile for good measure). Been doing more short runs this summer, and I had forgotten how great it feels to get past that third mile when all the little pains go away and it just feels good.
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9 more on trails today.
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A bit over ten miles this morning at a 7 minute 54 second pace. Smoking fast or myself. I was pushing myself because a buddy was running a 10 miler race in DC and I wanted to compete against him, even if it were from 500+ miles away. I gave him a call this afternoon only to find out he skipped the race because he was not feeling well. Oh well... I'm very happy with my time.
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13 around Golden Gate Park, Lands End. Even at the prescribed slow pace, it got a bit tough in the last couple of miles. I've done consecutive 9-mile days before, but 13 the day after pushing hard for 6 the day before was challenging.
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7 miles tonite
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3 miles this morning
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. Refreshing run on the boardwalk in Grand Haven, Michigan.
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My first miles in.. erm... ever. smile.gif

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NOBD, it's good that you're finding something to do with all of that extra lung capacity.

7 for me today
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13.2 total miles today. 2.5 warm up, 10 x 800m repeats at sub 6:45 pace w 3:24 rest between each (Yasso 800's) and 2.8 miles cool-down. Kind of an ass kicking work out but hit the times.
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