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^ that's awesome CP, keep it up! I barely got a mock 5K done myself today, super hot and humid 4th down here. I had been running early in the morning or late in the evening lately, and today I stupidly went out in the mid-afternoon. The sun was brutal, I'm glad I didn't try to stay out any longer than I did.
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8.5 miles w/ some speed work.
Great patience and hard work CP. Congrats.
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I ordered a headlamp Wizard from Armytek especially for running. Can't wait to get it.

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3.1 yesterday
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10.4 miles
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Just over 5 miles early this morning, my longest run in a month! Countdown is at 15 weeks for my half marathon, so I still have time to ramp up some more mileage before then.
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4.4 miles today.
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Got a few quality runs in over the long weekend:

Thursday - Firecracker 10k on Roosevelt Island - 39:17
Friday - Easy 4 miles in CP in 37:03
Saturday - 24.16 miles along The Long Path in 4:10:19 - Ran the first 14 slow and then pushed hard on the final 10 miles.
Sunday - 12 mile recovery run in CP in 1:32:58

Overall legs feel pretty good and that was my last big week of running before the VT100. We'll see what happens.
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Another 4.4 miles today.
Rest and relax during your taper Myles. Hard not to get excited about it during the wait.
While quite a bit shorter distance, my 50K Dances w dirt is less than 5 days away.
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4 this morning...I didn't think I would like it as much, but I'm really starting to dig running before the sun comes up. I've found that I can keep my pace much faster compared to when the sun is up and hot.
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I did 7.5 this morning through my typical suburban haunts. However, over the long holiday weekend I was at the beach house and got in a couple 10 mile runs on Saturday and Sunday, including a few miles each day along the beach on Lake Huron.

When I stepped out to run this morning, I really missed this view:

Oh well. I'll be back up there next weekend to watch the start of the Port Huron to Mackinaw Yacht Race. Other than owning a nice pair of boat shoes and a few floats on some of the Navy's amphibious war ships (Saipan, Kearsarge, Belleau Wood) I have no experience with boats. However, I'd really like to volunteer to work on one of the yachts for the race some year. It would have to be one of the ones that are just out there to have fun since I would probably be more of a hindrance than a help.
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