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7.1 miles today.
Originally Posted by Michigan Planner View Post

I got home from my run and looked at my iPhone screen and saw that it clocked me at 9.85 miles so I kept running laps around my circular driveway in order to get to 10 miles on the dot.

Neighbors looking out window thinking wtf is he doing.
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Originally Posted by wingin' it View Post

94 degrees at start of run and 91 at end of run today. Went to the high school track. Tough run.
2.5 miles warm-up, 5 x 7 min @ 10K-HM pace w/ 3 min recovery, 2.5 miles cool down. 11 miles total.
The recovery part was as much walking as slow jogging.

What do you use to track your pacing?
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Double post
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Triple post, damn iPad.
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One lap of Buttonwillow (2.7)
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13 miles this morning before the heat kicked in. I finished at 8:30 in mid-70s temps... It's 96 out now.
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Originally Posted by js4design View Post

What do you use to track your pacing?

Garmin 610, interval setting.
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About 21.5 miles today of trail running give or take a 1/4 mile. I normally know the course and the distance but also ran another loop and a side trail that added some distance.

Also, good luck to all WS100 runners as they finish today / tomorrow.
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7 miles! Woo-hoo. I guess all that leg and hip torture, therapy, is doing some good. Will be running a 5 K in a quaint rural town in Michigan on the 4th. A classic small-town celebration.
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10.4 miles today.
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20.2 miles today. I finished with a pace somewhere between 8 minutes 30 seconds and 8 minutes 40 seconds - my RunKeeper app somehow reported a random mile in the middle of my run taking an hour and 3 minutes, but judging by the miles on either side of that one, it was considerably faster than that...

I normally just set out on my runs from my front door and go through the neighborhoods near my house but this morning I decided to drive out to a trail system and head towards a park with a 6 mile loop around a lake. The change of scenery was greatly appreciated.

The picture of the grassy area is at the south entrance to the park and even though it's about 26 miles north of downtown Detroit, thanks to the relatively flat topography of SE Michigan, you can still see the skyline on a clear day (I couldn't see it today though).

The lake is a small inland lake and it was practically deserted when I stopped to take a photo at about 6:30 a.m. but by this afternoon it would probably be absolutely packed with boats.

Sometimes it's nice to get away from my normal running routes.
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Clearly I have no ability to post via my ipad so here is my weekend summary out at the Sawatch

Went out to Leadville on Thursday and planned on hiking/ running Mt. Massive on Friday. Weather was perfect. Climbed from just over 10,000 feet to 14,421 at the top in 2:18 or so, then ran the downhill in about 1:39 minutes for a total of 3:57. Air was super thin but it was a pretty amazing experience.

On Saturday i ran the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon which is about 15.6 miles in 2:52:40. took me about 1:48 for the climb of 3,500 feet and about 1:04 for the descent.

Quads are def feeling it today but had a great weekend out there.
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Miles run through first 6 months of 2011: 305.4
Miles run through first 6 months of 2012: 377.0
Miles run through first 6 months of 2012: 727.0
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MP, you made me curious, so I went back to my previous years

2009: 251.1 (My first year running, and I apparently had the zeal of a convert. This is actually the second half of the year because I started running in May.)

2010: 105.4

2011: 114.2

2012: 283.3

2013: 400.7

I note with interest that every year I have run more July-December than I did January-June...
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7,1 miles today. Big 3 days for me with close to 39 miles. 50K Dances w/ Dirt in 2 weeks. Start peaking / tapering now.

MP - Nice pics. Small parks out of the way are sometimes the best.
Myles - Way cool trip and looks like you are ready for VT with those runs. Quads should be trashed w/ those ascents and descents. I'd think the calfs aren't too happy either.
MP / SB - I'm at 886 thru end of June.
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