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Thanks for the kind words - it was a really amazing experience. Totally different than anything I have done before. Plus, you can link up sections of it if you didn't want to run the whole thing. The other cool part was the change in topography as the run progressed. Zion seems to be slightly off the radar from a national parks perspective, as I think most people in that area are more likely to go to the Grand Canyon.

oh and got in 8.8 this am in CP in 1:11:33
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Is this the route you took?
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5.5 this morning in Cavalry Cemetery.
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Anyone else running Bay To Breakers this weekend?
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I ran 6.2km today.
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Is this the route you took?

Yup - that was it. We went east to west, which is the more popular route.
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4 miles today in Taiwan.
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7.3 miles tonite. 85 degrees and some speed work. Tough run.
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1 hour trail run. Roughly 6 miles.

Myles, awesome trail run to experience. Pictures are great online.
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10.3 mile trail run today. Hot, humid, and many ticks.
3 postings to myself? To quote Roger Waters, "is there anybody out there"?
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My heel has been sore, so I've been saving myself for tomorrow's race. I should be able to post 7.5 tomorrow. smile.gif
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13.1 in 1:27:xx yesterday, took a jog down Ocean Parkway for the Brooklyn Half Marathon.
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Beat last year's Bay To Breakers time by 4'53"!
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Ran the Brooklyn Half yesterday, somehow ran a PR of 1:18:29....course was fast and the weather was ideal. NYRR did a great job running a half with 21,000+ people while keeping a "small" feel to it.

30 min shake out run today.
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