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Oh, that was it.... I think our overall time for the 200 miles was 27:something. It's super-fun out there.
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5.1 tonite.
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2 1/2 for me last night and 3 later today. Its the first hot days of the year here, I forget how every year how hard the first few hot days are!
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Just over 4 miles for me today....also signed up for my first half - The Runner's World Half Marathon in October, which happens to be in my hometown of Bethlehem, PA. The race gives me a nice excuse to go back as visit the fam smile.gif
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Ran 6km this morning, felt really good to be back running consistently.
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I did 6.8 miles this morning before work and another 5 at lunchtime today. I really like this time of year when the weather is warm but not too hot and I can get out and run at lunch. I have a few nice loops I can do through our office campus but within a few weeks, it starts to get too hot that time of day and when I run I sweat... a lot. Even with the available showers at work it takes me too long to cool back down to a comfortable level and the last thing I want is to be sitting in a meeting sweating through the back of my shirt an hour after a run.
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5.5 in 45 minutes this morning. I am slow at the moment.
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4. Feels like I've strained a groin muscle. ffffuuuu.gif
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2 1/2 cross country for me last night with dog. Nice the ground is dry enough now
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4 miles this morning.
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6.2 miles tonite.
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5 miles last night in a pretty quick 35:00 minutes.
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I did just over 7 this morning and then another 5 at lunch. Man it was bright out and of course I left my running sunglasses back at home... I was really tempted to run with my Wayfareres but figured that was probably a recipe for disaster.
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6.5. Finally remembered to pull the heart-rate monitor out of the glovebox for this morning's run. Eye-opener! At a very sustainable heart rate, my pace was just a few seconds off my 5k PR. Will definitely keep using this.
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