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6.4 on an extended version of yesterday's route.
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Originally Posted by mylesmyles View Post

Thanks for the well wishes. Regarding runing a mile at that pace, if you can find a race by you that's a miler - I'd highly reccomend it. It's really fun and not a distance you usually race, yet people are captivated by it every 4 years at the Olympics. And to that point - you'd be surprised how fast you can run 1 mile.

9.7 miles in CP this morning in 1:14:22



 Oh, I know... I haven't run a mile race in years. My fastest on the track these past few years was a 6:28. My all-time best is 6:09. Sometime soon, I'd like to come back to that distance and crush it. Hell, if I can run a 10k at a 7:20 pace, surely I can run a mile faster than 6:00. ;)

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9.7 miles mostly up and down hills. 25-35 mph winds here tonite made for an interesting run. Another storm blowing in with cold weather and possible SNOW tomorrow night. It was 80 this past weekend. Craziest weather I've even seen.
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still getting back into it. I had a busy month and been spending time with a new girl, so we know how that goes :/

7.75 last night. Going to book a race in early June as training-spiration.
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6 miles today. Nice winter day with blustery winds and snow falling.
Weather channel predicting 3-5 inches tonite and another inch tomorrow. Kansas City has only had 1 day of measurable snow in May in the history of recorded snow falls. Suppose I should be honored to run in it as part of history. Merry Christmas to all.
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2 1/2 here yesterday eve - first nice day of the year I think
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5 with some intervals...

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10.4 mile trail run this morning. Very muddy from all the rain and snow. Inov-8 Mudclaws 272's were awesome. Best shoe I've ever wore in mud. Great traction and cleared the mud from the lugs and shoes really well.
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Ran my first stage of the Golden Gate Relay at a 7:53/mile pace 4.3 miles) in 90 degree weather. Fun! My next stage might be near midnight and will be to get us across the Golden Gate Bridge...
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Rock on, Fueco!
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8 this m\orning in the new hood, very sunny.
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Stage 18 (my 2nd) across the Golden Gate Bridge... 5.8 miles in 48:00. Fun times! There was a bit of climbing, but the temps were perfect (mid 50s)!
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6 for me yesterday in the sun
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Stages 29 & 30 of the Golden Gate Relay done. 7.6 miles with 2000+ feet of climbing in 79 minutes.
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6.1 miles tonite.

Keep rolling Fueco. Sounds like a good time.
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