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10.75 miles in CP in 1:18:55 - park was nice and busy this morning - good to see all things considered.
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7 miles in 62 minutes... Mix of easy and tempo pace (basically targeting my planned half marathon pace for the next two races -a half and a half Ironman). Felt pretty good to be out running along the levees south of the SF Bay.
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7 windy, drizzly miles. Tried out my new jacket, made for a nice run.
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I put in a bit over 6 this morning. When I started on the run it was breezy and relatively warm but the thunder was booming and the lightening was putting on a show. Thankfully, the rain mostly held off (except for a few sprinkles here and there) until I got back onto my block and then the skies opened up on me for the final few hundred yards. As I was walking up to my porch there was a boom of thunder so loud that it set off a bunch of car alarms in the neighborhood.

But besides the threat of rain, it was a good run with four of the miles below 7 and a half minutes.
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Got in 11.25 in CP this morning in 1:23:56
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5.3 miles of hill running this afternoon. For an end of November run, it wasn't too bad. 35 degrees, 25 mph winds (wind chill in the 20's), and drizzling at times. Wait a minute, it's mid-April in the is with the weather.
Actually it really was a good run once I got going and warmed up. Love hill training.
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4.5 this morning
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3 for me yesterday in a howling gale - good for the heart I guess!
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I run 15 today.

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And tomorrow I am planning to run 30. I love weekends!!

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6.5 miles of hills on trails... 80 degrees in the shade!
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4.5 miles today.
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Just confirmed today that I'm running NYC in November on a charity team. First marathon...

Thinking of using one of these two programs:

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First time back at it in about a month. Did a leisurely 3.1 miles on a beautiful Florida and sunny, not too humid yet. I'm going to limit myself to one short run per week for the time being, just to make sure I don't re-injure myself again.
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