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After about 3 weeks off, trying to heal my shin, I did an easy 2.5 miles on a treadmill today. Gonna keep it very slow with low miles for maybe twice a week until I feel comfortable ramping up miles again. Last thing I want is to start off doing too much again and have my shin pain come back.
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I signed up for Ultraman Florida in February 2014. I may also do a lete season Western States qualifier (it's tough to plan these around my triathlon and bike race schedule, so we'll see.

Are you looking to go longer?

Good question. I could have finished a 100K, but 100M would have been a whole different strategy and not sure I'd make that without quite a bit more training. I would consider doing another 50M or 100K in the future. I have a tough 50K coming up in July. Temp and course are tough. Another 50K in the fall. Will see if any ultras line up with eithe of those to use as a training run.

Some ultra discussion would be interesting but probably need another thread for it. I learned quite a bit in my last two and could stand to learn and share some more.

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Six miles today on Torrey Pines State Beach (a bit north of San Diego). Lovely day for it!
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17:30 for the 5k last night. Good but need to do better.
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4 slow easy miles today. Getting back into things starting today.
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4.5 slow miles today after a week of being sick. Focused on breathing and form so that I got something out of it.
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I did 4 miles this morning slow as the start of a marathon training plan. I've run 4 marathons before (and a few dozen half marathons) and generally average about 50 miles a week starting this time of year but have never actually trained for any of my runs and my times really reflect that with my lack of consistency or continued improvement. I'm running the Marine Corps Marathon in October and have a goal of 3:35. That's about 15 minutes faster than my PR and judging by how much energy I usually have left after my full and half marathons, I think I can do that if I work on some speed work and practice my pacing. And since the marathon isn't until October, I have plenty of time to train... I hope.
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Another 2.5 today. Still taking it really easy, running maybe twice a week max. Still no shin pain, so that's promising.
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6, 2 1/2 and 3 on Sat, Mon and Tues respectively
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5k yesterday. Spent the past few months spending more time in the gym and keeping my runs to 30 min or less. Ready to get back out there at least 3 days a week and find a half to train towards before summer, and another full for next fall.
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8 miles tonight broken up by a short swim workout.
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6.5 at a good pace. Windy, wet, and almost no one out there.
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6.5 along the SF Bay. Windy and super nice day...
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I occasionally get out along the bay in Foster City. Never fails to be windy!
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3.9 on Tuesday night and a 5K (3.2) this morning. Don't ask about time, I am slow.
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