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I took advantage of the 65º weather yesterday in suburban Detroit and was able to get in a very nice 8 miles.
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4.5 here too.
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I'd say go for it. I was running on snow covered road and I got great traction. There were definitely sections of exposed wet pavement and while not ideal as a road shoe, they were not uncomfortable under foot at all. Nice little shoe, and I have a collection of a dozen pairs and have tried on basically everything else that exists.

Another shoe PSA actually, the adidas energy boost is real. Very light comfortable tight fitting shoe. Took them out for 10 this morning and they were verry comfortable and responsive. I think they would be appropriate for track, tempo, long runs and recovery. The "how many miles did you run today" one shoe foo.giffoo.giffoo.gif

Tks, I'll check out both.
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5.5 late night in brooklyn, darkness in bushwick and bedstuy
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Don't run a lot, but once the weather gets better I will like to start running.


But right now, before every workout I run a mile. 

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3 tempo miles for me - better weather here
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I put in 8.5 miles this morning before work. I hit the road at about 4:45 a.m. and it was 40º out - not too bad. By the time I got back home, the temperature had dropped to about 33º and an hour later when I was headed to work it had started snowing and was 30º with a windchill of about 22º. It was in the 60s on Sunday. I hate this time of year! patch[1].gif
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4 miles this morning in rainy DC.
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7.5 miles. 4 at tempo all sub 6. A few 200s to finish up. Getting ready for an important 5k at the end of the month, something like 17:15 the goal.
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3.3 mile quick run.
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2 1/2 for me with fast hills
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5 really cold windy miles, never even warmed up I think
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Just a check in - I am in week 2 of no running.
Overtraining Syndrome in a major way took its toll, and the only way I am going to get better is to rest. It was hard to accept at first, but doing strength is helping.
WIll resume running the last weekend of march.
On a separate note
Not sure if there has been any speculation amongst y'all on the adidas boost but it is a cool shoe! It just runs small.
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