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Today was a bit of a hetic day. I only managed to clock up 4 miles before I ran out of time but I'll go for an 8 mile run tomorrow to get back on track.

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4 stead miles for me, nice sunny nearly warm day in Northumberland, maybe Spring is springing..
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10.2 miles, little slow but a beautiful day. even ran into a running buddy and put in a few with him.
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27.1 miles. Last long run prior to 50M ultra coming up in a few weeks.
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4.75 mile run commute into work today, then a 10 hour day which was joy.
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10 this morning
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8 mile easy paced run today.
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6.75, track work and warm ups and downs
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2 miles doing some semblance of Fartlek for me yesterday, 3 miles steady at lunchtime later today
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6.25 recovery miles very early in the morning.
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I ran 5.0 yesterday evening on trails. First hilly run in a while since I've been recovering from blisters (hiking boots). Back to training for tris and long runs...
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4 miles late this afternoon.
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not today but did the 5k color run at candlestick park in SF this past saturday with another 5k this weekend!

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7.1 tonite.
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4.5 this morning with 100m sprints/intervals/striders whaddya call em
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