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quoth Bill Bowerman, "There is no such thing as bad weather, only soft people."

This /\
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Sunday 16 w/ 10 miles at sub 610 pace.
Walked 28 fri-sun, and ran 24. I think I ended up with just under 70 miles running, but well over 90 in total!
Yesterday 8 miles at 740 pace.
Signed up for the Chicago marathon today. (registration opened at 12p cst and the race will sell out fast so if you want to do it sign up today!)
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Sneaked in 2.8 after work before picking up my boys. All hills, though!
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3 miles last night. Still getting back into it so I was slow and sore today, but it will get better.
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8.3 miles tonite.
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6.5 this morning
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2 1/2 again with some faster work in the middle for me
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6.5 for me tonight latenight. Napped earlier and had to pay the piper with a 10pm run.
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Tues - BRUTAL track workout (30mph winds and pouring rain) 8 miles w/ 400/800/1600/800/400 ladder. Splits were too slow to mention mostly but about 525 for the mile at what felt like 445 effort.
Weds- 10 easy 715 pace
Today-9.5 w/ 2 miles barefoot on grass and drills.
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Gees some of you guys are motivated ha ha. Today I clocked in a 5 mile run, my goal is to run 5 miles, 6 days a week on top of all the sport I'm involved in.

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4.5 mile run commute home from workout. Got a half marathon on Sunday and I have been sick all week, not feeling race ready at all.
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5.3 miles
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4 miles here in the snow - I had half an inch on the peak of my cap by the time I got home! Roll on the spring!
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13.4 today. Got 8-10 inches of snow on Thursday. Another 6+ is coming Sunday night - Monday. More snow in 1 week than we have had in the past 2 years. Thought spring was around the corner. Making it tough to run.
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3 in New Orleans after staying out until 3 a.m. There was a Rock N Roll Half here this morning. I wish I'd known about it ahead of time...
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