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5.5 trail miles yesterday, finishing about ten minutes before sunset. 65 degrees out on February 1!
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Double post...
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Just one! Keeping everything loose for tomorrow's half. My young sons joined me for the first time, though, so it was an entertaining mile. The first tenth of a mile was full of commentary about how easy and boring it was, but by .6, there was a lot less chatter...
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Ran my first 10K this morning, and did much better than I expected. Originally I thought I could do under an hour, and then I tried running 6.2 by myself last Monday and couldn't even finish without stopping to walk a few times during the last couple miles. But I finished in 57:15 and didn't have to stop to walk at all, so I was very happy with that.

I was a little worried about running so early in the morning - race started at 6:30 and I'm used to mid-afternoon runs, but the time didn't have any sort of negative affect at all. It was cold though, well cold for Florida at least - 47 degrees at the time the race started!
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Congratulations! No injury flare-up?
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10.35 mile trail run this a.m. Getting ready for the 50K next Saturday.

Congrats BG on the 10K finish and beating your goal time. Good stuff. Even if it was in the arctic temps of sub-50 degrees. jk smile.gif
Good luck SB on the half.
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Thanks guys! No flare up with the leg injuries at all, everything felt great during the run and still feels good post-run. So this definitely gives me confidence to keep training, albeit at a very careful pace. Good luck on the half SB!
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5.2 in San Diego. Beautiful place, and a good run.
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7.5 miles, fartleking 6x4minutes at 6min mile pace. 5k next weekend, want to see what level I'm at and hopefully set a big PR smile.gif
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Fine, I'll respond to myself. 14 miles early this morning. Running drunk now. Going to eat some doughnuts.
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13.1. Improved my PR by 2m31s!
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18 miles in 4 runs this past week. Back in the groove...
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12.5 yesterday with my worst race since boston.
10k in 3540 . . . .
Felt truly awful as soon as I went through 5k. Split about 1708 for the first 5k and 1832 for the second 5k. Really blew up which sucks because I know I am in shape to run 3400 but it just wasn't my day. Going to focus my efforts on getting healthy over the next couple days.
Not sure if anyone else has felt sick basically all of late fall and winter.
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5.6 miles tonite.
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13.1. Improved my PR by 2m31s!

Great job SB. Congrats on the PR!
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. . . Not sure if anyone else has felt sick basically all of late fall and winter.

Sorry to hear about the race SBB, but if I'm reading it right you've been sick for several months? That doesn't sound normal, especially in your climate. Need to check that out.
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Hi MF,

I have been running regulalry since last 3 years and started with 2 miles and these days running 8 miles now. I have gradually increase my mileage and distance with passage of time. Running is great cardio exercise to boost metabolism, burns body fat and to lose weight. Running boost stamina and increase energy levels.

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