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5.25 miles yesterday afternoon on gravel trails along SF Bay Trail. So nice out!
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6.5. Half in six days...
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Tried 6.2 today in preparation for a 10K this weekend....did not go well. I started off OK but had to run/walk for the last 3 miles because I had nothing left in the tank. New goal for this weekend: finish without stopping to walk! It sucks, before I injured my leg, I could easily do 10 miles without stopping. My leg has been feeling much better lately, so I'm sure I'll get back to that point soon.

And I did see this guy on my run today.....I've seen some smaller ones in the past, but this fucker was BIG! I didn't get too close, but it was easily 8 feet from tip to tip:

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My run last night was miserable.  I had tired legs from the 10miles the day before and a gym session before my run which was tough.  Felt great to run but the closer to the end I got the more I wanted to walk and finally did about half a mile before I usually end my run.  I don't even want to mention my pace...

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6.6 in 49:30. Shorts and t shirt weather in brooklyn!
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So, about 30 degrees then? smile.gif
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8.6 in about an hour, warmup and down plus a really dumb 6 mile tempo run but at least its done now thanks god.
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10 miles
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5.71 in 43 minutes or so. recovery in heavy wind
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Barely 5km courtesy a lousy sleep the night before.
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7.5 Monday
11.5 tues w drills and strides
8last night.
8 tonight.
2 days of core this week so far. It's hard for me to get the ball rolling on anything but mileage. I have a 10k Sunday so I've dialed back the miles. And will take tomorrow off.
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1.5 suckaaaaaaaas.biggrin.gif
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4.4 miles Thursday
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8 mies total, a quick 3 before breakfast with buddies and a quicker 5 with a buddy after work.
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