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6.5 this morning. Pushed through the lackluster feeling for about four miles to be rewarded with some good running for last two-and-a-half.
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6.8km (4.25mi) on the treadmill, glad that I wasn't running outside in -18C (0 F) weather. crazy.gif

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More sprint intervals today - 3.69 miles in 30 minutes, for an average pace of 8:09, which my iPhone app informed me after the workout that this was my fastest run ever biggrin.gif

Signed up for a 10K in Safety Harbor, FL for next Saturday, Feb 2nd. It's my first competitive 10K and my posterior tibialis injury isn't fully healed yet, so my expectations aren't too high for this one. If I can finish in under an hour I'll be satisfied.
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5.5 motherfucking frozen miles tonight to recover from yesterday.
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10 easy tonight
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5.3 miles last night.
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12.5 last night.
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8 last night, 4 of which were fartlek'ing. 6 to recover this morning. Cold isn't so bad, snow is a bit tricky on slick city streets.
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5 miles this morning at my favorite indoor spot in Chicago.
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3 flat in 23.2 minutes on a treadmill, too damn cold outside. I hate treadmills.

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5 today for a scaled back day. Have a long run workout tomorrow.
I got my training plan for the season today. Its looking like the 10k is the longest race I will do for a while. The target is PR's in the 1500/mile/5k/8k/10k. Short stuff.
Looking forward to really trying to roll tomorrow.
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3-4 miles per day)

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Had a bad case of the stomach flu the past week.
2 miles Thursday
5 miles Friday
18.7 Saturday
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15 today with a 5k tempo starting at about mile 8.5. 5k in 1728. 533 541 530ish finish.
The late start to the tempo and the fatigue of higher mileage made it tough to put it out there during my tempo portion.
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13.1 in 1:33 today. natural pace long run on some mean hills.
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