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3.5 around noon today.
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8.4 miles today.
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4.5 recov miles today. very cold. #shorts4life
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4 miles or so today, first time running in eight days. The little toe on my right foot has been hurting, so I was taking it easy... Back to the grind! Gotta get that half marathon time down to something more respectable (and see what I can do in normal weather -raise your hands anyone here who ran their PR in sub-zero weather shog[1].gif ).

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5.2 mile easy run
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Looking for some advice. I've been feeling kinda lackluster for my last few runs. I'm not sick, and I haven't rapidly increased my weekly mileage. On today's 12-miler, I felt completely run down. I even had to stop a couple of times on the back six. Has anyone else experienced this? As I expressed it to my friends, my get up and go got up and went.
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SB - I'm still trying to get over an injury, so I haven't been able to get back up to any longer distances yet, therefore I was forced to change my regimen a bit. I started running sprint intervals - I'll go 1:30 at a moderate pace, and then sprint for 30 seconds, and I'll just keep repeating that over and over. I can only last about 4 miles max, but overall I can shave about a full minute off of my usual pace compared to when I run steady the whole time. It's a killer workout and I'm completely wiped out by the end of it.....that might be a fun way or you to shake things up for a bit. You'll do shorter distances for sure, but you'll still get a great workout.
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No running for awhile. Pulled groin muscle. Ugh! (I did something stupid in the gym.) Although, today, I wouldn't venture out as the wind chill is -22.

Sugarbutch: At least you are doing the run. It's like practicing music. There are days when I feel as if I accomplish nothing. I find the days that I do not want to practice, however, are the days when I get the most out of it. Are you getting enough sleep? Eating right? Even if you feel lackluster, you are still doing a good thing.
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Beatlegeuse: I haven't really done any intervals during this training cycle. Thanks for the reminder.

CP: Sorry to hear about the injury. That's so frustrating. As for me, I hope you're right. The previous weekend I was able to do 12 with some energy to spare, so maybe it's just been a couple of off days. We'll see tomorrow!
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Sugarbutch- I had about ten days like that earlier in January for no apparent reason. I think scaling back the miles for a bit helped me to feel a lot better. Sometimes the body just gets worn down and immune systems etc rebel against being pushed. Take some time to not pressure yourself. Running is something to be enjoyed I think, so I would recommend letting yourself recover physically until you are ready to roll. You will only come back rested and ready to train harder!
13 ish for me yesterday.
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Thanks, Sam. I have a half at the beginning of next month, though! Maybe I'll just make my taper a bit longer. smile.gif

Since we're talking, you wanna help out in this thread?:
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8.5 for me tonight. 6 miles where I worked from 640 down to 605, then a cool down.
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10 tonight with 6 by 800 in 228 226 226 225 224 224
Felt good to push it on the track!
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4.5 this morning before work...


I'm back on track and have my sights set on my personal bests for the half marathon and half Ironman (I'm targeting Big Kahuna Triathlon in Santa Cruz, and aiming for sub -5:15 for the total time (I did 5:27 last year). For the half, I'm gunning for sub-1:40 and haven't picked out a race yet).

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