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Ran 5.5km on an indoor track at my local Y this morning.
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20.7 miles today. Tough trail run with some ice in spots and mud in others.
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6.7 today .
I hate getting sick. . .
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8.1 this morning after ten days down with the flu. Kaiser Half in four weeks. This should be interesting...
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Been doing a 2.2-mile loop with steep short hills every day for the past week to prep for my annual APFT. I've gotta knock out 2 miles on a track under 14:06 this coming Saturday, which wouldn't be so bad except I'll be doing it after throwing down somewhere around 70 push-ups and the same amount of sit-ups. And I'm just coming off a post-deployment break plus the holidays so I'm about 10 lbs. over my fighting weight right now.


I can do it, but it's going to really suck. 


My body's starting to lose its sense of humor for this bullshit. 

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Got in 9.72 in CP this morning in 1:19:33 - weather was perfect.
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8 miles yesterday to sneak over 30 for the week.
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about nearly 3 miles to go jogging in half an hour. i also practise at i think that it's about 5miles on averge. Is it enough? 

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4.4 mile recovery run today.
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I did a 6.5 mile loop from my house this morning and it may have been a PR on that route (I have to go back and check my old times). If it was a PR, I attribute it to the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups that I found on the counter and decided to eat pre-run at 5:00 a.m.

Michigan Planner - Fueled by Reese's!
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Got in a solid 10.8 miles in 1:25:21 in CP. Weather has been beautiful.
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6.5 this morning
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Originally Posted by sugarbutch View Post

Happy new year to all of my fellow runners! I was nowhere near wingin' it's mileage for 2012, but it was a year of great progress for me. I ran in 49 of 52 weeks, and if I hadn't gotten the flu late last week, I certainly would have gotten in one more run to take me to exactly twice my 2011 mileage. I was hoping to wake up today feeling better, but actually felt even worse.
I think a large part of getting out there this past year has been reading/posting in this thread, so thanks to you all!

Happy New Year to you also, good luck with all your challenges ahead of you - 

Ps. I love your avatar, Damien Hirst is marvelous.

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4 Miles this morning. I wanted to do a couple of more but I woke up later than planned and then the freezing rain started falling down on me so I packed it in instead.
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6.5 miles total last night. warm ups and downs and some 2K intervals on the track,
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