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surprised myself with a 1633 4th place finish at my 5k today.
Really pleased with that result. Ran a smart race. Winds were 15+ mph and the course was on the water, so I moved up pretty slowly drafting on people and then moving up. I made my move too soon on the last runner, and he crushed me the last 800. Oh well - I thought I would be lucky to break 1730 after two weeks off followed by one week of heavy miles.
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8.6 miles today.

Congrats SamBB on the race.
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Congrats, Sam! Mr. Xavier, if you're asking me, I found that online.

6.1 for me today along the bayous of Katy, Texas. Intended to go yesterday, but I didn't bring sufficiently warm clothing for yesterday's 36 degree temps.
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3.5 miles this morning.
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easy 7 for me this am and did 100 push ups. I can probably do as many crunches as nyrr can do pull ups. I am a softbody from the waist up right now.

ps - thanks for the congrats guys!
at the finish with my girlfriend and our mothers.
Gotta love the holidays and family support!
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5 miles this morning. Slippin', sliding, jumping through snow banks. But, I got it done!
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8 miles at tempo last night, 2.5 miles this morning before my knees rebelled violently.
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Just finished my 10 KM. run, it was fun.
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Back to playing puck, so I'll be running less and lifting more. One last run for the year, blown around like a rag doll for 4.6 miles:

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7.7 miles yesterday, 20.7 miles today.
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glad to see you in 20+ beast mode wingin it
14 today very fun muddy run. 39 degrees when I got in my car this am.
For a so cal boy that is not a good thing.
65 for the week.
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4.5 today, run commuting to work! then yoga afterwards.
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4 miles this morning followed by yoga this afternoon.
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Finished the year just shy of 1700 miles.

Resolution Time:
With it being NYE today, anyone have any new plans or goals for the next year?
Aside from some of the normal 5K - Half's, I'm shooting for my first 50K. Signed up for one in Feb.
I'm also looking at a 50M rail trail race in March that will most likely get me too.
Will start with that and see what other distance races grab my attention based on those 2 runs.
How about you guys?
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I'm planning on doing my first 10K and Half, both in February. My knee still isn't fully healed, but I have an appt with a sports medicine place next week to get it checked out. As long as there's nothing major wrong with it, I should still be able to complete both of these runs.

It will be my first time for both, so I'm just shooting for sub 60 minutes in the 10K and sub 2:15 in the Half. If I can run both of these with no injuries, I'll shoot for a full marathon later in the year, maybe towards the end of 2013.
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